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Jaipur Police to create 'Zero Tolerance Zones' to regulate traffic on the city roads

In an attempt to ensure easier and regulated vehicular movement, Jaipur Police will set up Zero Tolerance Zones at major spots in the city. As per reports, the Additional Commissioner of Police, Law and Order has directed officials at all stations to identify a road under their jurisdiction, which encounters regular traffic problems due to congestion and other issues. Reportedly, the plans entail the removal of obstructions like encroachments and illegal parking spots.

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Jaipur Police launches a month-long cybercrime awareness program on Monday!

In a bid to enhance the safety of the city residents against the growing threat of online attacks, the Jaipur Police has initiated a cybercrime awareness program from today onwards. Reportedly, a senior official from the Police Department informed that online events shall be conducted throughout the month under this initiative. As per reports, the citizens will be equipped with tips and techniques to mitigate the possibility of cybercrimes.

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Jaipur gets a hi-tech luxury Bunker Cafe for the benefit of police personnel!

Ushering a special facility for the Jaipur Police personnel, a unique Bunker Cafe has been established at the premises of Reserve Police Lines, located in Chandpole. Placed 6 feet underground, this amphitheater-style cafe has a design that resonates with the eco and techno themes, reportedly. Equipped with Wi-Fi and other techno-friendly amenities, the cafe has been constructed without disturbing the ecosystem of the place and the planted trees have been kept intact.

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Jaipur's Nirbhaya squad to ensure safety of women traveling in public transport!

It's a red alert for eve-teasers in Jaipur as an all-women super cop group called Nirbhaya Squad will be nabbing harassers and troublemakers in the city. Riding motorbikes, the female police officials conduct patrols throughout the city and they will now also monitor activities in the public transport vehicles. Dressed in civil attire, some officers will be deployed across buses and other vehicles to catch eve-teasers and miscreants while they are involved in the wrong acts.

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With 905 patients as yet, Jaipur witnesses a 6-fold surge in COVID cases over 3 weeks!

Jaipur has witnessed has an alarming 6-fold spike in the active tallies of the coronavirus infection, since the beginning of March. Reporting the maximum number of new cases across Rajasthan, the Pink City now shoulders the maximum current caseload in the state, mounting up to a total of 905. Rajasthan is collectively nursing as many as 4,262 cases actively, as per recorded data.

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