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Lucknow & other UP metro cities gear up to establish paediatric ICUs to treat COVID-19 in children

In an attempt to intensify the preparations to protect children from the COVID clutches, the Uttar Pradesh authorities will establish special arrangements at hospitals, similar to that of ICUs. The state's paediatric treatment infrastructure will undergo a focused facelift to set up paediatric ICUs (PICUs) and beds in each district to ensure top-class care for corona infected children. Reportedly, the new COVID beds will be designed specially to accommodate kids- smaller units with a railing around.

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AYUSH doctors to aid in the treatment of COVID patients in Lucknow & other UP districts!

Attempting to supplement the medical facilities in the state, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has urged all Ayush doctors to join the team of healthcare workers involved in the treatment of COVID patients. Through an online conference with trained Ayush practitioners on Thursday evening, the CM asked them to participate in strengthening the battle against the pandemic. It has been said that they would function in synergy with the district authorities and the Integrated Command Control.

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7 major changes in Lucknow through the past week, triggered by the 2nd COVID wave!

Marking an unprecedented hike in infection rates, Lucknow has evolved as the newest hotspot of the COVID virus, just in a span of two weeks. With several mutants and altered symptoms, the virus has made it difficult for the city dwellers to combat its perturbing effects. Taking hastened measures for containing the pandemic, the state and the city administration has executed an array of measures! So here's a quick glance through everything that has changed in Lucknow in the past 10 days.

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COVID restrictions amped up in Lucknow, 950 locations barricaded across the city!

In a bid to control the record-breaking spike in COVID tallies, the Lucknow district administration has executed a list of restrictions and bans in the city. As a part of this, a total of 950 spots across Lucknow have been barricaded by PWD and municipal officials in the past few days. Reportedly, the PWD authorities have locked 400 spots while 550 other places have been blocked by the municipal officers.

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More than 50% of healthcare workers in Lucknow complete COVID inoculation process

Amid rising COVID cases in recent times, the vaccination schedules in Lucknow have brought good news. As per reports, over 50% of the health workers in the state capital have been administered both jabs of the vaccine, completing the entire process of immunisation. Taking the total count of such beneficiaries to 36,693, this accomplishment was reflected in the records, post the inoculation drive on Friday.

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