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Driving its way from Bombay's Galleria to a lane in Lucknow, THIS food cart is fanning our gluttony

A new entrant in the family of street food joints in Lucknow is 'Bombay Bhel & Sandwiches', seated near St. Francis College, Hazratganj. Straight from the streets of Bombay to the lanes of Lucknow, this kiosk is a franchise of the already existing brand, 'Bombay Pav Bhaji' and we just can't get enough of their delectable offerings.

Started only a month ago, this bhel and sandwich booth already has a remarkable footfall, so much so, that in another few days, they will be enlisted on online food delivery apps as well. So join us for a virtual tour to this 'Bombay lane' of Lucknow.

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July fans hope for Lucknow's Chatori Gali yet fear simmers concerning a third wave pickle

Conversations concerning Lucknow's street food are incomplete without the honorary mention of the city's Chatori Gali, seated at the 1090 Chauraha. However, the pandemic overshadowed its gourmet glory and a place that was once a bustling hub of the youth and oldies alike during the twilight hours, stood deserted, until now.

After receiving the required permissions to function from June 21, the stalls at Lucknow's famous Chatori Gali were seeing firing up their grills, bringing milk handis to a boil, fanning the tandoors, heating up the tawas, in line with the issued protocols. In sync with the inviting aromas, the very first day of this food street's business accounted for a hefty footfall, although the count didn't match up the tallies of the pre-pandemic era. However, with the daily assemblage of residents seen here now, it is safe to say that the many city folks are maintaining ample social distancing with the actual COVID norms.

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7 momo places in Lucknow that will leave you wanting for more!

If you also get 'mo' and 'mo' excited at the thought of relishing a plate of steaming hot momos, with spicy red chutney on a winter evening then you have come to the right place! If you are too are always, literally always, craving for momos and want to try the best in the city, places that serve you soul-pleasing dumplings, then you'll surely going to thank us soon after reading this.

Here's a list of 7 places that undisputedly offer the best momos in town and need to be checked out ASAP-

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Have you tried Just Coco's fresh coconut water in Lucknow yet?

If you are someone who is completely saturated with the synthetic flavours of packaged coconut waters and are sceptical about hygiene standards of the road side-vendors too, then Just Coco, is just the place for you. The benefits of coconut water are many and so are its fans but given the current situation, most of us find it unsafe to visit the road-side vendors. This is where Just Coco comes to the rescue, giving you a safe and hygienic experience.

Located at Rana Pratap Marg in Lucknow, you can find this cart available everyday from 8 AM to 6 PM. So the next time, you're in the area, drop by and get yourself a glass of refreshment that is hygienic, fresh and pocket-friendly!

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5 Chaat Places in Lucknow that ensure top-notch flavour & safety!

If there is one thing that Lucknowites rave about with immense pride, it is surely their food! And you will resonate with this love if you are a fellow Lucknawi or anybody who had the pleasure of relishing the savoury delicacies which are very typical to the city.

We understand how difficult it must be right now, to not be able to live without the Lucknow-lip-smacking street food for over 5 months, especially the universal favourite, wholesome chaat. Well, the wait is finally over and the time to relish the tangy, sweet and spicy flavour of the chaat is back. With these 5 amazing places, it's time to satisfy all your savoury food cravings without having to worry about hygiene and safety & at the comfort of your homes!

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