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'Traffic Brigade' to be deployed in Lucknow for regulation of vehicular movements

In a bid to streamline vehicular movements in the city, a new Traffic Brigade (TBR) will be deployed at major intersections and crowded areas of Lucknow. New individuals will be hired for this purpose, whose task will be to enhance the governance of the traffic conditions. Interested youths will be employed under this initiative and thus, the move does not only focus on improving the traffic in the city but also comes as an employment opportunity for those in need.

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New measure by Lucknow Traffic Police to ease vehicular movements at Khurram Nagar crossing

Lucknow's Traffic Police Department is deploying a new initiative for managing excessive traffic at the Khurram Nagar crossing. As per this measure, all vehicles commuting from Picnic Spot road to Nishatganj and Tedhi Pulia will take a U-turn at the Sector 25 crossing in Indira Nagar. Through this latest provision at the road intersection, the vehicles would be able to escape Khurram Nagar's bottleneck, taking a clear road to the aforementioned destinations.

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New Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow to open for public, this Friday

Lucknow's new four-laned flyover at Tedhiphulia will be commissioned for public use on April 2, 2021, helping the city dissolve major traffic jams on one of its busiest routes, connecting Munishipulia and Engineering College. An outstanding specimen of modern technology, this overhead road is suspended on a single pillar and stretches for about 1.8-kilometres. As per estimates, this will provide ease of travel and commute to over 1 lakh people, directly benefitting the inhabitants of Aliganj, Khurram Nagar, Jankipuram and other areas in Lucknow.

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Road Safety Week in motion in Lucknow till November 24; ₹1,000 fine for not wearing a helmet

The government officials have been churning out schemes and plans in Uttar Pradesh, to make sure that the citizens are safe and sound while being aware of their surroundings. Similarly, in a bid to turn up the safety quotient on the streets of Lucknow, the authorities have kick-started Road Safety Week, that began on the 18th of November and will continue till the 24th. This move has been put into action to keep a check on commuters who do not obey proper traffic rules, which primarily includes the wearing of a helmet.

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Lucknow RTO issues a 30 day deadline to renew vehicle registration

The Lucknow Regional Transport Office issued a circular on Wednesday that mandates the registration renewal of all vehicles that have completed 15 years of registration. As per the order, a time period of 30 days has been given to the owners to fulfil the task. Along with this, all the vehicles that are unfit for usage after 15 years, shall be surrendered to the authorities. An efficiency test will be conducted to determine which motor vehicles are unfit for use on public roads.

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