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Ushering Christmas vibes, Melting Point is offering a Ho Ho wholesome new menu & we're hooked!

Listen up Lucknow! Our tummies are in for a ho-ho-wholesome gastronomical experience as Melting Point by Dayal Paradise is Christmas ready with its brand new menu. Synonymous with all things flavourful, one of Lucknow's favourite eatery- Melting Point is offering such diverse and appetising food options along with some Christmas special plum cakes and cookies, that is sure to keep one wanting more. Don't take our word for it, head out to Sushant Golf City and let the merry munchies at Melting Point melt your heart away!

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Get ready to be amazed by a brand new avatar of Melting Point at Sushant Golf City in Lucknow

  • Melting Point in Lucknow has cracked open its Easter surprise early this year with an ALL-NEW bakery at Dayal Bagh, that has got us drooling at its aesthetic interiors. Seated at Sushant Golf City, this place is baking love and happiness this festival, drawing us all in to reel in its sweet aroma. So hop onto this latest cutesy cafe cum bakery in town, to relish the exquisite taste of their freshly inducted pizzas and burgers, along with Easter goodies and holiday treats!
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Dayal Paradise is Christmas-ready with a lavish dinner deal & a delightful dessert menu

When we think of Christmas, the vivid images of baked goodies pop up on their own and it's almost as if we can smell and taste the treats. Sigh, what are festivities without gaining a few pounds anyway?! So if you're looking to stock up your fridge and shelves with Christmas-special desserts so that your house can smell like Willy Wonka's factory, then head out to the Melting Point bakery. But if you're looking forward to a lavish Christmas dinner with your loved ones, amidst an open setting and at pocket-friendly rates, then Jannat is gonna be your saviour!

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These 5 places in Lucknow have the perfect gifting options for you, this Diwali!

The festival of lights is enroute and although we've gotta be toned down this year, our festivity will surely include exchanging gifts and sharing the love, like alwaysss. But picking the perfect gift for our loved ones is a hassle for sure because the presents HAVE TO be nothing less than perfect! So to junk your worries away, we've curated a list of 5 places in Lucknow, which you can check out for your Diwali gifts' shopping.

The Hazelnut Factory

The Hazelnut Factory

Famed for their delicious sweets and freshly baked-to-perfection treats, every season, Lucknow's The Hazelnut Factory comes up with its unique range of gift boxes, baskets and thalis, which capture the essence of the celebrations like no other. THF has yet again introduced a gamut of sweet boxes and more, which are the perfect gifting options- be it for corporate courtesies or a welcome present for house guests or vice versa. The price range of their gift boxes start from ₹450 and goes up to ₹5,250, therefore, there's something for everyone.

All 'Bout Desserts Bakery

A recent member in the bandwagon of bakeries in Lucknow, ABD Bakery is winning hearts and palates with its modest offerings, which are oh-soo-delish and economical too. ABD has curated Diwali hampers, which are not only pocket-friendly but are also wrapped in goodness. They have a variety of hampers and gift baskets which start from ₹400 and the most expensive one is marked at ₹1500! So if you're near Indira Nagar, make sure to drop by at All 'Bout Desserts.

Melting Point

Situated at the Dayal Paradise compound, Melting Point has exquisite Diwali hampers up for grabs! They've ensured that their offerings fit everyone's budgets so you can choose from 3 gifting options which are marked at ₹1100, ₹2100 and ₹5100. These baskets have a variety of items including but not limited to 2 sorts of tea cakes, 5 variants of macarons, flavoured chocolates, biscuits, chocolate bars, tea bags, muffins, brownies, iced tea. If you're indulging in the luxurious basket which is pegged at ₹5100, you'll even get a funky lantern with it.

Krishn Bhog

With an assorted range of sweetmeats, baked goodies and wholesome Diwali hampers, Krishn Bhog in Lucknow, is here to seal the deal for you! Be it kaju barfi, gulab jamun or simply, some freshly baked treats, you can just pick any or all of them to stock up your fridge this festive season. But if you're looking for a gifting option, their Diwali baskets are gonna light up the recipient's mood for sure!

Cake O' Clock

With a range of delectable offerings and gifting choices, Cake O' Clock just nails it every season! This year, Cake O' Clock has launched a variety of options for you to choose from- various sets of Poker Boxes with goodies like macarons, lavash, cake balls, baklava, tea cakes and so on. All in all, they have set 4 ranges for you with diverse offerings, so that there's something for everyone's pockets. There are also customizable Diwali hampers available and for more information, contact them at +91 95544 44462 and place your orders!

So just bookmark these places right away and head out to pick up your preferred Diwali hampers and baskets for your loved ones! You're surely gonna thank us later for saving you from the hassles of gifting.

Love fresh organic breads & French desserts? Lucknow's Melting Point is beckoning you

When in Lucknow, our obsession for cutesy cafes and homey bakeries is a never-ending love affair. Whenever we see a signboard or an entry point of any cafe, which simply calls to be checked out, you bet we're gonna drop in! So on a similar note, when we chanced upon the Melting Point, situated at the Dayal Paradise compound, we just had to make our way in. With floor-to-ceiling white windows, ample of natural light in play and a selection of desserts and baked goods, Melting Point fixed a Cheshire cat smile on our faces.

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