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Lucknow's COVID scale hovers at 24 new infections & 12 recoveries on Thursday!

In the last week, Lucknow's COVID scale with respect to new infections, has clocked an average of 20 cases every day and on Thursday, the tally hovered at the 24 mark. While recovery has been steady here, the number of discharges remained limited to just 12 recoveries, just half of the count of fresh detections. With these statistics, Lucknow nurses an aggregate of 281 active cases, the highest across Uttar Pradesh.

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In a milestone victory, Lucknow's vaccination tally surges past the one million mark!

In a landmark victory against the COVID pandemic, Lucknow's vaccination achievement crossed over the 10-lakh mark on Friday with the inoculation of around 23,388 beneficiaries. This spectacular boost in the vaccination numbers has been attributed to the launch of mega vaccination centres in Lucknow under UP's Mission June initiative.

The District Magistrate congratulated the team on the success and rapid target fulfilment. He also highlighted that the state capital is the first city in North India to successfully administer over 1 million doses since the launch of the vaccination campaign in January 2021.

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