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New schemes and rules in Indore traffic to put an end to the traffic in the city

In a matter of a few weeks, Indoris could witness a complete turnover in the traffic situation here in the city. Taking a leaf out of their Swachata Model, the traffic police are planning to put into place a bunch of new rules, regulations and changes that will finally put an end to traffic woes in the city.

The traffic condition in Indore has been deteriorating quite a bit with the passage of time. These changes and ideas will bring about a much needed change in Indore's state of traffic. A major chunk of this project also relies on the public's outlook towards these issues.

What's the update?

The traffic police in Indore are hard at work to finally implement a range of new developments and changes to the cityscape. As part of their plans they aim to improve on traffic related issues. Along with that, there are also plans improve upon infrastructure on roads- this will include addition of new roads, new traffic signals, sidewalks and more.

A larger part of this upcoming initiative focuses on making roads safe, rather than just making them traffic free. Each of the aforementioned additions will certainly help the traffic police achieve this goal. In addition to that, the functionality of the plan also depends upon the people's initiative.

Authorities have drawn parallels to the Swachata Model, which was largely successful due to the citizen's outlook on the matter. For this revamp of the traffic condition, the habits of people will have to change, which could take a long time. At any rate, the infrastructural developments are certainly a step in the right direction.

A new flyover at Jawahar Marg, Indore to ease traffic flow

A decade long traffic bottleneck in Indore may soon be cleared out. This bottle neck is none other than the one at Jawahar Marg.

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Spreading traffic awareness through dance? This citizen in Indore is doing precisely that!

Indore is known for its quirky ways of spreading awareness about important issues. The city is home to a one of a kind traffic robocop who manages traffic at a major square in the city, which in itself is truly unheard of! Now, a dedicated citizen has taken matters into her own hands and aims to spread traffic awareness through dance. If this rings a bell, it is perhaps akin to the dancing traffic cop, who made quite a few headlines in his heyday.

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