Jaipur Police to create 'Zero Tolerance Zones' to regulate traffic on the city roads

Jaipur Police to create 'Zero Tolerance Zones' to regulate traffic on the city roads

These regions will be kept under strict surveillance to make sure that citizens do not flout the guidelines

In an attempt to ensure easier and regulated vehicular movement, Jaipur Police will set up Zero Tolerance Zones at major spots in the city. As per reports, the Additional Commissioner of Police, Law and Order has directed officials at all stations to identify a road under their jurisdiction, which encounters regular traffic problems due to congestion and other issues. Reportedly, the plans entail the removal of obstructions like encroachments and illegal parking spots.

Factors leading to traffic jams to be tracked and studied

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These regions will be kept under strict surveillance to make sure that citizens do not flout the stated guidelines. In addition to this, traffic movements will be improved through the deployment of well-planned measures. It has been reported that the interventions will be used as a learning lesson to assess and examine the various causes of traffic woes in Jaipur.

As per reports, an official informed that the project will be rolled out next week. The Station House Officers will deploy measures to ensure a free and streamlined flow of traffic at the major intersections.

Extensive plan to be rolled out for resolving the traffic problems

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As per the police officials, said that the exercise will be undertaken next week. SHOs will also deploy their staff on important intersections so that traffic moves freely. While Jaipur Police has been trying to implement a comprehensive plan for a long period of time, a single remedy could not be devised for alleviating the traffic situation in the city. Thereby, the authorities decided to execute a real-time monitoring plan, wherein dynamic solutions will be worked out for the issues that crop up.

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