Professors at BBAU & SRMU in Lucknow bag 2 Int'l patent grants for digital healthcare systems

These patent grants are a big step forward to create breach-proof and effective smart hospital management systems.

Academic Researchers of Lucknow's BBA University and SRM University have received 2 patent grants at the international level, which will play a key role in securing the Indian healthcare systems by developing smart and digital set-ups. On March 31, 2021, the patents of 'A Security Management System for Digital Healthcare Information Management Field and Its Method Thereof' and 'Bigdata Analysis for Smart Hospital Management System Using Blockchain' were awarded to the Lucknow research team. These grants will help to build data security and create breach-proof and effective hospital management systems in India.

Need of self-reliant smart medical systems in India

Prof. Raees Ahmad Khan

Dean, Head of Department of Information Technology,

School of Information Science & Technology at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University

In today's age of automation, data leaks and security stand as primary concerns before digitisation but not anymore. A research team of teachers under the guidance of Professor RA Khan of BBAU have recently received two international patent grants for securing Digital Healthcare Information Management System and Healthcare Big Data.

Professor Khan pointed out that the recent changes in revenue of the Indian healthcare sector have indicated several developments across various segments. Transforming healthcare management systems and tuning them digitally is one of them. Augmenting this revolution, the 11 member research team in Lucknow constituted of Dr Alka Agarwal of BBA University, Dr Rajeev Kumar of SRM University and other academic researchers from India and abroad.

While speaking to Knocksense, Dr Rajeev Kumar stated, "We all can see that data breaches are now a common practice and we need to save and secure them, especially the healthcare sector data. Suppose if someone manipulates the data of the healthcare system, then the patients can be in big trouble as they will receive the wrong treatment, leading to bigger threats in the sector."

This is where the patent grants come into the picture. Dr. Alka Agarwal of the research team highlighted, "This will help to secure healthcare data. Intruders even cannot penetrate the system to breach data integrity. I am sure the idea we have floated is going to be a game-changer in Healthcare Management System."

Role of the 2 international patent grants

The first patent will protect the Big Health Care data with the aid of blockchain to create encrypted records and prevent leaks. At the same time, the second patent is related to security, using the Internet of Medical Things (connecting medical equipment and healthcare IT systems to the internet) in the Digital Healthcare Information System. Both these aspects are quite important.

Consequently, these patents will help to achieve the goal of creating smart hospital management systems that can identify security management of healthcare data and medical practices. Professor RA Khan stated that after getting the patent, the research team will now work on trending topics like Cyber-Physical System and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to make it more effective and state-of-the-art.

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