Mumbai Metro has proved to be a life-saver for the people of the big city, who have taken to the new method of transportation. The ridership of the metro has increased significantly, which has given way to the construction of newer routes and metro networks around the city. The newest of these routes, Metro (3) is expected to be operational by the next year and once it does, you may find that travelling via the metro has its own advantages.

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To combat the increasing air pollution that has gripped the entire nation, Mumbai will soon have a network of air quality monitoring stations which will warn the city in case of an increase in the atmospheric pollution. These network of air quality sensors & monitoring stations will help in dealing with the rampant air quality issue in the financial capital of the country.

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Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in Mumbai knows that the condition of roads here is pathetic. The city which (almost) floods every year during the monsoon, finds it hard to maintain the integrity of its roads. This can be easily attributed to the water-logging and drain overflows. Mumbai roads are riddled with potholes even during sunny days, making the entire situation pretty dreadful for the commuters.

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Mumbai is a haven for foodies, the city is literally brimming with cuisines, things to eat and places to go be at. If you're an epicure in the big city, you're probably having the time of your life. Yet, everything mouth-watering and delicious isn't hidden away in posh lounges, some of Mumbai's best food can be found in small joints, street stalls and old cafes that seem to blend with the cityscape of Mumbai.

If you're someone who enjoys food and everything related to it, this food walk is just the thing you need. Arranged in the quiet lanes of Matunga, this food walk explores the food trail that leads to the establishment of the first Udipi restaurant of Mumbai.

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Matunga is unlike the other flashy neighbourhoods in Mumbai. This quiet residential area is known for its small quaint shops, the authentic South Indian fare and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. For an epicure the narrow streets of the area hold a charm that just cannot be found elsewhere in the city, especially for anyone who's a fan of South Indian grub.

This food walk organised by India Heritage Walks, traces the steps back to the establishment of this cozy little part of the Mumbai city which is filled with stunning culinary charm. Formerly known as the 'Mylapore of Mumbai', Matunga still retains many of olden South Indian restaurants making it a perfect place for people who relish good food!

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The walk is a great way to explore the history and bathe in the glory of the cultural melting pot that is Mumbai. Head to Matunga and find out more about the regional food, the authentic flavours and the adaptations that happened along the way.

To find out more about the walk and register, click here.

Date: February 23rd

Mumbai suburbs might very soon be a home to a multi-level aquarium which will be built on the lines of Bangkok and Singapore, to boost the tourism potential around this area. Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, recently ordered the Tourism Department to draft a proposal regarding the development of this high-end aquarium in Mumbai.

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The city which served as the trade centre of the world during the British era is riddled with old time buildings that are worn out and at the end of their rope. One such structure is the ancient Gokhale bridge which has collapsed more than just once and has been rebuilt time and again.

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Pet parents in Mumbai, we've got some news for you and your fur baby! If you've been looking for places to step out with your doggos by your side but can't figure where to go, Mumbai has the perfect event for y'all.

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Jazz music is a soulful blend of African and European music sensibilities and it even sits well with the crowds who don't really understand the swings and the blues involved in it. The mass appeal which it associates itself with, is the underlying primitive character of jazz and no amount of new-age music can actually match up to it's true identity.

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