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5 dishes from around Lucknow's Akbari Gate which are synonymous to the city's culinary scene

Lucknow's Akbari gate is not just a focal point for the architectural wonders from history but it also stands at the centre of a heritage food circle serving the most sumptuous varieties of Awadhi cuisine. Your food tour in Lucknow would count only on the peripheries if you haven't explored the delish dishes around here. The eateries encircling Akbari Gate have successfully preserved the authentic taste and stood the test of time; both in equal measures! Here is a list of five succulent savouries close to Akbari Gate that promise your palate absolute joy and contentment.

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Grab a taste of Lucknow's culinary culture at these 11 iconic eateries in Hazratganj

Amidst a string of architectural wonders and a quintessential cultural heritage, what truly constitutes the highlight of the City of Nawabs, is its cuisine. A walk through affluence and royalty, the superlative flavours presented by Lucknow attract the finest of all foodies from around the world! So if you are thinking of binging on good food while at the city's heart, you can check out these 11 iconic eateries in Hazratganj.

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