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Negative report not required to enter Goa for fully vaccinated residents & workers till Aug 5

In view of the controlled infection rate, the Bombay High Court at Goa allowed fully vaccinated state residents and employees posted there, to enter the territory without a COVID negative report. Reportedly, the bench of judges has permitted the workforce across a range of sectors including labour, manufacturing and industries. In addition to this, the provisions of the order shall be applicable to businessmen in the state and those citizens who have to commute outside Goa for medical or work purposes.

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Goa gears up to fight the third wave of COVID with improved infrastructure & active vaccination

Goa has adopted a multi-thronged action against the spread of COVID-19 infection, mutations and the rising threat of the 'third wave' in the country. The government has ensured special provisions and infrastructure ahead of the possible surge, on the advice of a committee of experts. The Health Minister has also urged people to get vaccinated, remain vigilant and follow COVID-appropriate behaviour to close down the transmission avenue.

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Tourism to restart in Goa only after 100% coverage of first vaccine shot for all adults

In a major policy announcement on Thursday, all tourism activities in Goa have been ordained to stay suspended until the state achieves 100% coverage of the first vaccine dose for adults. The Chief Minister also announced that the state aims to achieve the set target by July 30. This mission will be propelled by the ongoing Tika Utsav 3.0, which is harnessing positive public response and enthusiasm.

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A negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test is now mandatory for those traveling to Goa by train

In a bid to control the surging rate of coronavirus cases in Goa, the state administration has issued travel protocols for all rail passengers arriving in the coastal state. Reportedly, all Goa-bound Indian Railway passengers will now be permitted entry into the state only after they produce negative RT-PCR COVID-19 negative test reports. According to the listed protocol, this report should not be older than 72 hours before the date of arrival in Goa.

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