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Goa restarts tourism activities; casinos, spas & nightclubs allowed to open at 50% capacity

Good news travellers, the state of Goa has revived its tourism activities and has opened its borders for movement once again. As per reports, all casinos, spas and nightclubs have been allowed to function at 50% capacity from today onwards. Only those who produce a negative COVID-19 test report or are fully vaccinated will be permitted to enjoy these provisions. The government is said to soon issue the Standard Operating Procedure ( SOPs) for the same.

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Inoculation teams at Goa's vaccination centres to get a 2 day leave during Ganesh Chaturthi

The festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi will bring a much-needed respite to the team of inoculators engaged in Goa's expansive COVID-19 'TikaUtsav' drive. On Thursday, the state's nodal officer for vaccination, Anup Netrawalkar, announced "vaccination holidays" during the first two days of the Ganeshutsav. As such, all government vax sites will remain closed on September 10 and 11 here, marking the first official leave of the statewide vaccination efforts after a relentless 228-day campaign.

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Fully vaccinated tourists can now enter Goa without a negative COVID certificate

The High Court on Monday, acceded to a plea of the Goa government, granting entry to all fully vaccinated tourists and travellers into the state without a negative COVID report. Until now, this provision was not available for visitors, who had to produce a negative certificate irrespective of their vaccination status.

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Goa's Tika Utsav 1.2 focused on the second dose of COVID vaccine, starts today!

With the purpose of scaling up the state's collective immunity against the deadly COVID-19, the Goa government will now float Tika Utsav 1.2, from 5 July. The focal point of this drive is set at injecting the second dose of vaccine to those who have completed 84 days, since the first shot.

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Goa hosts special vaccination drive for residents without valid IDs from today

On Friday, an official gave a statement as per which the Goa government shall launch a special vaccination drive for individuals who do not have government-issued photo IDs. This inoculation drive shall commence from today and cater to Indian citizens without valid documents and Nepali citizens residing in the state. A welcome move, this decision has been taken in the larger interest so that chances of COVID-19 contamination are reduced.

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