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Goa's Tika Utsav 1.2 focused on the second dose of COVID vaccine, starts today!

With the purpose of scaling up the state's collective immunity against the deadly COVID-19, the Goa government will now float Tika Utsav 1.2, from 5 July. The focal point of this drive is set at injecting the second dose of vaccine to those who have completed 84 days, since the first shot.

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Goa hosts special vaccination drive for residents without valid IDs from today

On Friday, an official gave a statement as per which the Goa government shall launch a special vaccination drive for individuals who do not have government-issued photo IDs. This inoculation drive shall commence from today and cater to Indian citizens without valid documents and Nepali citizens residing in the state. A welcome move, this decision has been taken in the larger interest so that chances of COVID-19 contamination are reduced.

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Over 74% of Goa's eligible population vaccinated with the 1st dose!

In a bid to arrest the possibilities of an upcoming third wave, the Goa administration had deployed extensive measures to fuel vaccination in the state. Driven by this, over 8 lakh individuals have been given the first dose of immunity booster vaccine, out of the territory's eligible population of 10.75 lakh citizens. Announcing this achievement on Thursday, the Chief Minister stressed the need for sound social behaviour, awareness and inoculation as the strongest weapons against the virus.

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Surla becomes the first Goan village to vaccinate 100% of its eligible population

Marking a remarkable victory against the pandemic, all eligible citizens have been vaccinated in Goa's Surla village. Reportedly, a health official informed on Monday that Surla, located in Sattari Taluka has triumphed in becoming the first village from the coastal state, to register 100% vaccinations. According to records, 50.7% of the state's total entitled population have been given the first jab of the immunity booster vaccine.

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Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

Initially, the Chief Minister of Goa had announced that tourism shall be restarted once all state residents have received the first dose of the vaccine and it was expected that this target shall be achieved by 30 July. However, the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19 has had an impact on the government's decisions related to tourism. It has been reported that the state government is yet to give its final decision in this regard.

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