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Indore achieves 2.23 lakh vaccine coverage on Monday, the highest single-day tally in India

In a milestone achievement, Indore has logged its name as the first district in India to administer about 2.23 lakh COVID vaccines in a single day. With 665 active inoculation sites on Monday, Indore conducted a successful dynamic immunity drive, rising to the first position in vaccination, just like its lauded cleanliness model.

Reportedly, this rapid scale of anti-virus jab administration was noted to be a state phenomenon. Madhya Pradesh too, emerged as the largest inoculator among all states and UTs in India with over 16 lakh jabs.

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This road in Indore has been declared 'Covisafe' to encourage vaccination & create awareness

While India is relying on the vaccination defence strategy against the COVID pandemic, several states here have adopted varied means to promote inoculation and induce pandemic awareness among people. On these lines, a busy road in Madhya Pradesh's Indore was declared a 'Covisafe road', an official said on Wednesday. This is set to catch eyeballs, pique interest, propel COVID awareness and encourage the overall vaccination drive, summed reports.

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Vaccine shortage in Indore leads to shutdown of over 300 inoculation sites

Indore's vaccination drive has faced a major setback due to a shortage of vaccines. As per reports, over 300 inoculation sites in the city are shut since Thursday due to the unavailability of stocks. The Health Department could scout for only 11,000 doses, enough to operate 9 of the total 350 vaccination sites here. Only the second dose beneficiaries were permitted to get the jab at these centres.

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Indore launches targeted 15-day vax drive to innoculate people in high-risk categories

The Indore district health authorities have decided to launch a special 15-day COVID vaccination drive, targeted at people falling in high-risk categories. The Indore District Immunisation Officer further informed that on-spot registrations will be provisioned at the 19 zonal offices of IMC for these groups, to expedite the inoculation campaign.

These vulnerable groups consist of bank employees, private school teacher, staffers at chemist and petrol pump associations, house help and maids along with fruit vendors, labourers as they are more susceptible to the virus due to increased human contact.

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Indore launches a massive COVID vaccination campaign for people aged over 18 years today!

In a bid to boost phase 3 of the COVID vaccination drive, Indore has launched a massive vaccination drive today. With 20,000 vaccine doses in its inventories, Indore has decided to extend an active immunity campaign until May 15 for people over 18 years. Reportedly, India's cleanest city aims to be number one in inoculation achievement, as well and has set a scaling strategy to reach its goal. The jabs will ramp up from 100 doses at one centre today to 4,480 doses at 44 centres in the next 10 days.

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