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Know how Indore's Mhow Cantonment has carried itself as a military stronghold since 1857

Touted as the oldest military cantonment in India, MHOW (also known as Mau) was founded by Sir John Malcolm in 1818 after the Treaty of Mandsaur was signed between the then Holkar King and British Government. An acronym for Military Headquarters of War, the history of this cantonment dates back to the First War of Independence (1857). Further, the prominence of this place has increased manifolds due to its relation with eminent personalities, such as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. So embark upon a virtual journey with us, as we unfurl the stories of MHOW.

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Recounting the life & altruistic deeds of Indore's Seth Hukumchand, the 'Cotton Prince of India'

A prominent leader of the Jain community, a philanthropist and a business magnate, Seth Hukumchand is popularly known as the Cotton Prince of India. He was born in 1874 to the family of Seth Pusaji, who aided the establishment of the Holkar Maratha clan, in Indore. Seth Hukumchand had an honourable credit as a businessman, overseas as well and it is believed that the New York Cotton Exchange observed a two-day shut down on his death. Keep scrolling if you wish to know about the massive number of contributions that have immortalised him in the annals of history!

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