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Citizens can now file complaints regarding wrongly issued traffic challans in Lucknow

Implemented only recently, the digitised Integrated Traffic Management System in Lucknow has resulted in the issuance of several wrong challans in the city. While the advanced surveillance set-up keeps an automated check on all penalties and fines, most commuters in the city have reported the traffic charges as baseless or incorrect. In line with this, the Lucknow Traffic Department has issued challan helpline numbers and has created a provision to nullify the baseless claims too.

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Lucknow Smart City Project to implement an integrated traffic management system from July 1

In a digital upgrade under the Lucknow Smart City Project, it has been decided to implement an Integrated Traffic Management System, with effect from July 1. Reportedly, the new arrangement will employ a network of state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, internet connection and NIC data, across 132 intersections in the city, to give momentum to this initiative. Thus, from now on, drivers and riders will be charged with an e-challan or e-traffic ticket in case of any traffic violation here.

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