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New IPD tower & an Institute of Cardiology building to come up at Jaipur's SMS Hospital

Strengthening the medical infrastructure of the city, the SMS Hospital is all set to house expanded facilities including an Institute of Cardiology. Additionally, reports state that the hospital will become the first healthcare facility in the state to have a helipad atop a 22 floored building. In order to speed up the implementation of this program, firms are being roped in to clear the quarters and other residential structures, where the establishment of the new centres is proposed.

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Jaipur's Sawai Man Singh Government Hospital to study the mutant strain of the coronavirus

The mutant strain of the coronavirus, which was just recently reported in Britain, will now be studied at Jaipur's Sawai Man Singh Government Hospital, with genetic sequencing and testing of the spike protein. SMS Hospital, which has been conducting approximately 6,000 RT-PCR on a regular basis, is currently developing this study facility at its microbiology laboratory.

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