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Saddlery traders in Kanpur partner with Police Department to attract a global clientele!

In a bid to expand their reach, the saddlery traders of Kanpur have partnered up with the Police Commissionerate, to promote their goods across the globe. Reportedly, the horses owned by the Kanpur Police Department are all set to become the brand ambassadors of the city's saddlery in the world. Famous for its leather industry, Kanpur accounts for 75% of the total export of saddlery from India to international markets.

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Saddle up to read about Kanpur's iconic leatherworking tradition that has put it on the world map

Famously known as the Manchester of East during the yesteryears, the leatherworking of Kanpur is renowned in India and across the globe. Harnesses and horse saddles are being produced by the craftsmen of this city for well over a century now, though a GI tag for Kanpur Saddlery was approved very recently in 2014. Tag along as we take you on a journey through the annals of history to discover how Kanpur established itself on the world map with its unique equestrian apparel.

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