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Private varsities in Lucknow & other districts to dedicate beds for COVID patients

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to induct private establishments into the state machinery to build a better medical infrastructure against the emergent second wave of coronavirus. For this, the UP Minister for Medical Education Suresh Khanna has asked private universities to dedicate exclusive beds for patients. Reportedly, 2,000 additional COVID beds have been arranged across the state, with the help of private universities.

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Lucknow reports highest single-day rise yet again with nearly 3,000 new COVID cases on Friday

The exponential rise of coronavirus cases in Lucknow has resulted in the highest-ever single day tally yet again. The active caseload surged to 13, 478 here, with the addition of as many as 2,927 fresh cases on Friday; an all-time-high of all times.

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Lucknow launches an extensive drive on Monday to ensure people wear masks in public places

Starting today, Lucknow has activated an extensive campaign to enforce COVID-19 protocols to prevent a heightened spread of coronavirus infection in the city. In a statement issued on Sunday, the Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order informed that this drive will ensure the general public is armed with face masks, especially in crowded spaces. As per established protocols, a ₹100 fine will be levied on people flouting this norm to encourage people to adhere to preventive protocols.

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No respite from the surge of COVID-19 infection in Lucknow; fresh cases rise yet again in the city

With an average infection growth rate of 1.4%, Lucknow reported 257 new cases of coronavirus on Friday. This tally has taken the total number of confirmed cases to 76,066, out of which around 3.8%, cumulating around 2,901 continue to burden over as active cases in the city. For the last two days, Lucknow has been reporting higher daily tallies of new COVID patients, which project the possibility of rising transmission of the viral infection among city dwellers.

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DM Lucknow designates Nodal Officer to carry out last rites protocols of COVID patients

In an order issued by the District Magistrate on July 28, the last rites of all coronavirus positive patients in the city's Covid centres have to be conducted with promptness. According to this new order, all fatalities in Lucknow's various L1, L2 and L3 Covid care facilities due to treatment or any other reason will have to registered and the last rites of these patients need to be carried out immediately. This directive has been issued with respect to the Covid-19 protocol and mandate in the city. The DM has also designated a Nodal Officer to supervise the execution of this protocol without any laxity.

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