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Lucknow's newest cloud kitchen, Coal Jar is here to take your party up a notch!

Move over the chaos of arranging extravagant food for your party because Coal Jar, a cloud kitchen by Messy Tomato, is here to take the reins of catering in their hands! Lucknow offers myriad eateries to choose from, however, Coal Jar will make its way to your heart with its flawless service topped by scrumptious and economical palate pleasers. So start planning a party to impress your guests with the incredible power of good food, meanwhile, we shall dish out more details!

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In the mood for pillowy pancakes? Check out these 5 places in Lucknow for your share!

The aroma of a freshly baked pancake dripping with hot maple syrup, layered with sweet buttercream and a hint of vanilla- just the mere thought of it, has us craving for some pancake lovin'! Preferred as breakfast and savoured as dessert, the fluffy goodness of a stack of pancakes always leaves us wanting for more. So, indulge your palate in a sugary delight and try out these 5 places in Lucknow, serving the best pancakes in the city!

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Order directly from Lucknow's Camcook on WhatsApp to avail exclusive offers & ₹0 cost delivery!

If you're a lazy gourmand living in Lucknow, we're sure that you must've ordered a meal from Camcook at least 2-3 times, if not more. This cloud kitchen needs no introduction because it's F&B offerings are a major rage amidst people who have a taste for all things fine but within an economical range. Camcook lays out an expansive selection of items and with each bite, we go heart-eyed every time! Hence, to save you some cash on your order, Camcook has introduced an all-new feature and we've got the deets covered for you.

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Offering delicacies from around the country, Hunar Haat is a dream come true for foodies in Lucknow!

Would you believe us, if we told you that a short ride to Lucknow's outskirts will take you on a food trail across the country? Well, with a wide range of delicacies from different Indian states, Hunar Haat, taking place at city's Awadh Shilp Gram, is here to put an end to your food cravings! Presenting a sprawling table of some of India's richest delicacies, Hunar Haat has become a bustling food-hub inviting shout-outs from food-buffs across the city!

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