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Brace the good times! Lucknow's The Drowning Street will be serving its patrons from Monday

For a change, we know that this nearing Monday won't have any blues because The Drowning Street is all set to welcome its patrons from tomorrow. TDS has always been that one place where we've headed to, in search of a quick break or lit weekend scenes and now, we'll get to indulge in at all, once again. BTW Lucknowites can also grab a 25% discount on the overall bill here at The Drowning Street, which is definitely the cherry on the cake; read on to find out how!

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Cheers Lucknow! City's first-ever microbrewery, LBW to churn out craft beer from April-end

When in a conversation about Lucknow's nightlife, we ought to mention Lakhnavi Brew Works, seated at Rohtas Summit in Gomti Nagar because this chill hub has redefined the way we partaayyy. If the City of Nawabs was a carnival, LBW would definitely be the Giant Wheel, with queues of city folks waiting for an exciting ride! So if you're a regular at the clubbing scenes of the city, we needn't reintroduce LBW to you.

Moving ahead, the good news is that LBW has FINALLYYY received official nods to operate their microbrewery from April 2021 and now this niterie is all set to become Lucknow's first-ever microbrewery!

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Celebrate Molecule Air Bar's 2nd birthday with DJ Ali Merchant & unlimited FREE shots on Saturday!

Since its first day in Lucknow, Molecule Air Bar has been on our radar for times when we want to let off some steam and chill over good grubs and great drinks. The relaxed vibes and oh, THE EVENING VIEW from its patio has been ruling over our senses for the longest time and adding to this list of reasons why you should be here, is Molecule's 2nd birthday bash! This Saturday, Molecule is inviting all its patrons for an evening to remember and as always, we have whatever you're looking for.

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Add zest to your Saturday night as DJ Lemon leads the partaayy scenes at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy!

This week is drawing near to a close and if your phone is already buzzin' with messages like "What scenes on Saturday?", then keep reading.

One of our staple chill hubs in Lucknow, Bigg Daddy has time and again looped in a plethora of prominent artistes to its premises and this weekend too, it is gonna be no different. Bringing in the expertise of his decade long career to the music deck at Bigg Daddy, DJ Lemon will be making sure to jazz up our night with his zesty high octane playlist! Wanna be a part of the crowd? We've got the deets covered exclusively for y'all.

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Lucknow's first Premium Retrobar, VintClub is here to redefine the city's fine-dine scene!

Be it any occasion or just a hankering without a reason or rhyme, you can fall back on Lucknow to serve you with whatever you've been craving for. Simultaneously, along with the evolving dining preferences, the needs and lifestyles of the masses here have altered as well! Sharing a drink or two over good food and conversations has now become a trend, even within families, starting from the millennials to the oldies.

So if you're looking forward to a fam dinner soon and are scouting for an eatery which would heed to the needs of all, even the finickiest ones, then you can't miss out on Lucknow's premium retro bar, VintClub!

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