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Challenge your appetite with the exclusive Beery Burger Challenge at Lucknow's The Beer Cafe

All of us have that one friend who is the official food hogger of the group and no matter what is put on the table, its all swept clean within minutes of other people giving up; sometimes, we are that friend. Thus, when food and drink challenges are thrown at us, we like to take it by the horns and finish off in style of course! So honouring this enthu of all the foodies out there, for the first time everrr, The Beer Cafe has introduced a Beery Burger Challenge which requires us to channel our inner Joey Tribbiani and we've got the deets covered for ya'.

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Lucknow's The Beer Cafe has launched Breworks; a coworking space for the boss in you

Our WFH mode is in full-swing and we don't think that we'll be stepping into our offices anytime soon. Although we initially did enjoy working from the comforts our own home, now we're looking for a change of space to break the monotony. So if you're nodding your head in agreement on this, then do check out Breworks- the latest co-working initiative by The Beer Cafe in Lucknow.

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These 6 places in Lucknow are offering irresistible offers to make your weekend LIT!

Lucknow has been a witness to major food and beverage evolution in the city, in the recent times because every other day, there is a joint or two popping up with promises of the best grubs we've ever downed. With the advent of popular brands and homegrown outlets here in the city, it truly gets a little heavy on the pockets to keep up with 'em all.

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