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200 PICU beds ready at Jaipur's JK Lone Hospital to battle the probable third wave!

In a bid to strengthen the state's healthcare infrastructure to deal with the anticipated third wave, medical facilities for children are being amped up across Rajasthan. As per the latest developments, 200 PICU beds have been set up at the 800-bedded JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur and 600 other beds can also be used, if required.

Sir Padampat Mother and Child Care Institute (JK Lone) and other medical centres in Jaipur are ensuring the availability of sufficient resources to mitigate the effects of the third wave.

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Experts from IIT Kanpur predict third COVID wave to hit India in October this year!

Studying the current patterns of the COVID numbers in the country, researchers at IIT Kanpur have made some startling predictions about the future of the pandemic. As per reports, the expert authorities have deployed a mathematical model to assess the present situation and they expect that the third wave of accelerated infections would hit the nation in October. Reportedly, the officials stated that the probable impact of the third wave cannot be anticipated.

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