Nearing completion, Sodala elevated road in Jaipur to open soon for public!

Nearing completion, Sodala elevated road in Jaipur to open soon for public!

This 1.8 kilometre-long elevated road will become operational by February 2022.

Easing the problem of vehicular congestion, the elevated road at Sodala in Jaipur is all set to open soon for public use. An infrastructure project of the Jaipur Development Authority, the road is presently in the last phase of construction and is expected to begin operations from February 2022. Stretching for about 1.18 km, the elevated route will drive ease of commute for passengers travelling from Ajmer Road, effectively dissolving heavy traffic in the area.

Elevated road to increase traffic speed to 60 Km/hr

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Notably, there will be four ramps on the entire stretch for people to ascend or descend from the overhead road. People commuting from Ambedkar Circle will have a choice to make an exit at Nandpuri by using the ramp.

Going official claims, the Sodala elevated stretch will accelerate the traffic speed at this route to 60 kilometres per hour. Once completed, the elevated road will lower commute time by enabling the travellers to reach Ajmer Road via Hawa Sadak in a span of 10 minutes.

Overhead road to ease traffic woes

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One of the busiest routes in Jaipur, this route has been witnessing a sharp spike in passenger load in the last few years. According to an official, 1,992 extra passenger car units (PCUs) pass through the Bhawani Singh Road every hour as compared to its original capacity of 5,143 PCUs per hour. The heightened figures have been notably defined in a 2011 survey.

On the other hand, Hawa Sadak marked 10,355 PCUs every hour in 2011, while its capacity was fixed at 6,361 PCU only. With the opening of this, the people of Jaipur will soon see an end to the problem of traffic in this area.

With inputs from TOI.

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