Coronavirus Lucknow Update: 110+ patients recover on Wednesday

Coronavirus Lucknow Update: 110+ patients recover on Wednesday

Asymptomatic patients promise speedy recovery!

On Wednesday 118 people recovered from Coronavirus in Lucknow. The city currently has the maximum viral load in Uttar Pradesh. Currently, 3048 patients are suffering from the novel Coronavirus in Lucknow. With a tally of 4813 confirmed cases, Lucknow continues to have the highest number of cases across the state. However, as a relief, the city reported a whooping 118 recoveries on Wednesday.

Road to Recovery

About 250 patients recovered in Lucknow this week. This marginal improvement in the rate of recovery brings some respite to the health officials in the city. About 1520 patients have been cured of the deadly virus until now.

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With the testing potential on an upward trend, the ability to find patients at an earlier stage has also improved in the city. About 80% of the total 2719 active cases in the city have are asymptomatic, promising a speedy recovery as well.

Knock Knock

While the virus continues to seep into each nook and corner of the city, an increase in the number of recoveries surely brings a relief to the city administration, health officials and citizens alike. However, for Lucknow to maintain this rate, its people need to contribute equallly, follow guidelines and undertake precautions to eradicate the virus completely.

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