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Just last week, to make things convenient for tipplers, the Maharashtra government had opened up the liquor stores from 4 May to 6 May. After this step was undertaken, the government was forced to shut down these shops after they were fiercely overcrowded which led to the flouting of social distancing rules and the police had to lathicharge disobedient customers. But keeping in mind the tax income that liquor sales generate, the Maharashtra government has issued orders of home delivery of liquor in the state.

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In the light of the several overcrowded areas in Mumbai due to the sales of liquor on Monday, Mumbai Police officials have warned the citizens against flouting social distancing rules. Maharashtra is the worst hit state in India in terms of the corona pandemic but this relaxation led to the disregarding of norms set by the health experts.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives and made everyday a nightmare for people around the world. With the virus spreading like wildfire around the globe and in India, now is the time that we need every idea and every strong mind working towards the issue. We are all united in our fight against Covid 19 and if you're someone who is full of ideas and wants to work closely with the government to give them shape this 'Hackathon' is just what you need.

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In what seems to be perhaps the most logical move towards staying safe and healthy, the Mumbai Government has announced that the entire city will be on lockdown until further notice. This comes as part of a precautionary measure to curb the impact of the novel coronavirus.

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Coronavirus scare in Mumbai: Office in 'work from home' mode, joggers banned from coming out, Juhu beach out of bounds, doors of Siddhivinayak locked, IIT Bombay virtually shut and people now only connected through a 6-inch device- Mumbai is now on a brink of a lockdown.

But is there any light at the end of this long tunnel? Yes, the government and the authorities are pulling every plug to keep us safe and well the government actions are yielding positive results! Read on to find out more-

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The red BEST buses are one of the most iconic things Mumbai is associated with. This labyrinth of a city can only be navigated through the public transportation system and the BEST buses are a huge part of the same. The BEST buses make it easier for the residents of the city to move freely from one place to the other while having a comfortable journey. The same can be said once again for the CSMT-SP Mukherjee Chowk route or Route A-101.

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Coronavirus fear has taken over the globe and much like the rest of the world, India too has been dealing with its share of patients and panic. Two cases of the airborne disease have been intercepted in Mumbai and the panic has spread like the epidemic itself. Amid the fear of the coronavirus spread, Mumbai Metro was quick to ensure the safety of the commuters in the city.

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There are many different ways to look at Mumbai. Perhaps the most spectacular way of doing so, is from the sea. Mumbai is well known for its many ferries, rides and cruises, but soon, your experience could be taken to the next level. CIDO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) Mumbai has plans to introduce an all new catamaran service.

The ₹111 Crore project is on its final stage to completion and once it is open for the public, it can be used by daily commuters as well as visitors. Plying on Mumbai's east coast- from Nerul and Bhaucha Dhakka at Mazgaon, you can expect the service to be up and running by May 2020.

What's the update?

CIDCO has proposed to develop a terminal on 3.05 hectare land parcel which will have a 30-metre-wide and 655-metre-long road. It will be constructed from Palm Beach road to connect to the Nerul jetty. The catamaran services are coming as part of a joint venture between Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mumbai Port Trust and CIDCO.

For the benefit of passengers and tourists, the authorities from Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mumbai Port Trust and CIDCO will also construct a terminal building. This will contain facilities such as a food court, parking lots, waiting rooms and other amenities that passengers will be able to use. Additionally, jetties and ports at boarding and deboarding points are undergoing an overhaul as part of the same.

This will connect the two points of Mumbai's East coast and decrease the travel time between Nerul and Mazgaon. Once operational the water transport will make it possible to reach Nerul from Mazgaon in under 30 minutes. Currently it takes over 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel between the two places via road and approximately 3 hours via train.

Knock Knock

For frequent travellers along the waterbody, this may not be all that big of a deal. However, for tourists in the city, it is a chance to get a glimpse of Mumbai in an all new light.

After Kolkata, Mumbai will be the second city with an underwater metro. The tunnelling for the same has been completed under the main channel of the Mithi river in Mumbai. This amazing feat has been achieved by the Line 3 of Mumbai Metro, which runs from Colaba to Seepez. The entire stretch under the riverbed is 1.18-km-long and the tunnels have crossed the 270-metre-long active river channel.

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