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With 43 new cases in Jaipur alone on Monday, Rajasthan's Omicron COVID count mounts to 174

With 53 people testing Omicron positive on Monday, Rajasthan's tally of this new variant has mounted to 174 cases now! Out of these, the highest number of cases were marked in Jaipur at 43, while 4 cases were reported in Pratapgarh as well. Moreover, 2 cases each of this highly transmissible strain were detected in Ajmer and Udaipur along with one in Bhilwara and Bharatpur as well.

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Jaipur COVID tallies rise higher with 23.4% of all cases recorded in the last 9 days of May!

With nearly 38,839 cases registered in the last nine days since the start of May, COVID cases in Jaipur have sprung up alarmingly taking the count of active patients to the 50k-mark. As Jaipur remains to be blanketed under the horrifying effects of the second wave of the pandemic, Friday accounted for the highest ever count of 4,902 fresh cases and 3,402 new infections were recorded on Sunday. Further, fatalities have inflated by a perturbing figure of 453 in the last 10 days.

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Jaipur administration to provide COVID medicines to home-isolated patients sans RT-PCR test!

In a bid to break the chain of surging COVID infections in Jaipur, the administration has drafted a 'Mega Plan' to provide medicines to home-isolated COVID-19 patients without testing. This is a fast track measure that will ensure that patients exhibiting corona-like symptoms get timely pharmaceutical help, while they wait to get examined by RT-PCR measure. It will further prevent the spread of infection in the individual to a critical degree and transmission to others.

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COVID horror continues in Jaipur as fresh cases surge beyond the 3000-mark for the 6th day now!

The pandemic scare in Jaipur continues to plague the city with over 3,000 fresh cases for the sixth consecutive day on Wednesday. Around 3,014 new detections were logged in here, raising the aggregate tally to 1,03,665 cases, the highest in Rajasthan. At almost half, around 1,325 recoveries were also registered on Wednesday, pushing the active load to as many as 33,324 patients. Additionally, the surging toll is mounting the horror of the second wave across the state, where around 32 deaths were reported in Jaipur itself.

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Largest in Rajasthan, Jaipur's 8,000-bed COVID facility to begin operations by April 26

As directed by the Rajasthan Government, the Bilwa Centre of the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan, is upgrading itself to stand as the largest COVID centre in the state. Amid the alarming swell in the number of coronavirus cases across the state, this Jaipur facility will be able to accommodate about five to eight thousand patients at one time.

Officials have also informed that this infrastructure can be further ramped up to treat around ten thousand patients, if need be. While 500 bed have been stationed here already, the centre will be fully operational by April 26.

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