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Find the best of indigenous products at the ongoing Hunar Haat in Lucknow!

Taking place at Avadh Shilpgram in Lucknow, the 32nd edition of Hunar Haat is a must-visit place for art lovers and foodies alike. While providing a global platform for more than 600 indigenous craftsmen and artisans from across the country, this gala affair aims to uplift the craftsmen and provide them with financial support and an audience.

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With a footfall of over 29 lakhs, Lucknow's Hunar Haat 2021 echoes with the sound of success

Hunar Haat in Lucknow this year, marked the amalgamation of culture, cuisine and craft, gaining commendable support from the locals. Owing to its successful run, the exhibition was extended for 3 more days in the city and was visited by more than 29 lakh people. Organised at Avadh Shilpgram in Lucknow from January 22 to February 7, Hunar Haat in Lucknow reinstated the intention behind 'vocal for local', where artisans and craftsmen from 31 states and UTs came together to display their craft.

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Offering delicacies from around the country, Hunar Haat is a dream come true for foodies in Lucknow!

Would you believe us, if we told you that a short ride to Lucknow's outskirts will take you on a food trail across the country? Well, with a wide range of delicacies from different Indian states, Hunar Haat, taking place at city's Awadh Shilp Gram, is here to put an end to your food cravings! Presenting a sprawling table of some of India's richest delicacies, Hunar Haat has become a bustling food-hub inviting shout-outs from food-buffs across the city!

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Organised in Lucknow, Hunar Haat gives farmers a national platform to sell their produce

The 24th Edition of Hunar Haat in Lucknow has grabbed several eyeballs for providing a national-level platform to several indigenous handicrafts and products. Besides the usual representation of arts, crafts and culture, the exhibition this year has set the bar even higher by presenting a sale of farmers produce here. The UP Government, in a bid to further its commitment to boost the income of the farmers, has paved a path for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) to set stalls at Lucknow Hunar Haat, allowing them to exhibit and sell the produce here.

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Indigenous products shine the brightest at Lucknow's Hunar Haat

The recently inaugurated Hunar Haat in Lucknow has managed to grab a lot of attention from the city folks, owing to the amazing artwork that's been put on display here. The most loved products at the fair, are the natively crafted items that have been designed by Indian artisans and craftsmen. In two days of the launch, the art-fair has become one of the busiest hubs in the city, flocked by visitors who are enjoying the interesting range of creative artworks.

From Pashmina Shawls to Kalamkari Sarees, a display reflecting the diversity

As per reports, the second day of the event saw a tremendous increase in footfall. Organized under the theme of 'One District One Product', the innovative market is displaying products like the famous Chikankari from Lucknow, carpets from Bhadohi and Gorakhpur's terracotta items amongst others. Reportedly, these items are attracting greater audiences to the fair that is in town till the 4th of February.

The artworks produced under ODOP have made their maiden entry to this event organized by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs. The fair is witnessing participation and products by artisans and craftsmen from across the country including a long list of states and Union territories-Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya.

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The fair presents a captivating lay of the finest artworks like Ajrakh textiles, art metalwares, appliqué, Batik, Banarasi sarees, Bagh prints, Bastar art, Bandhej, block prints, herbal products, brass metal bangles, Kota silk, wood carvings, cane and bamboo products, canvas painting, Chikankari, pashmina shawls. Additionally, the Hunar Haat in Lucknow is also showcasing handwoven textile works like Mangalgiri sarees, kalamkari, leather products, lac bangles and others.

A step towards promoting locally developed artworks

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While launching the fair on Saturday at Avadh's Shilpgram, the Chief Minister stated that the event would provide a platform for the promotion of locally developed artistic products. The event is offering its audiences a peek into the market of local products, thereby boosting the spirit of a self-reliant India.

Knock Knock

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While the fair boasts of having something for everyone, we wish some artworks displayed here could be as desirable to our pockets as they are to our eyes! But it is not every day that one finds the best art from the different corners of the country exhibited together at one spot in Lucknow. This is why this fair counts for a must-visit. Love it or not; It is impossible that you return without losing your heart to something at this extravagant fair. If you happen to hit this place, do not forget to tag us in your clicks on Instagram.

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