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Benefitting students in remote areas, first-of-its-kind mobile library on camels starts in Rajasthan

The current times of the pandemic have definitely proved that necessity fuels innovation. Taking this idea to the grassroots, camels are now being used for a variety of purposes in Rajasthan. When millions of students stand stranded amid the confines of their homes, the authorities are using the ship of the desert to ensure a regular supply of books for them. Through the novel initiative of a camel-borne mobile library, the authorities are fueling the lamp of education for children in far-flung areas of the state.

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Rajasthan's camel population predicted to rise as pandemic revives heritage transportation

While the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the global economy, it seems to have given a new lease of life to the steadily declining camel population and consequently, the economy of Rajasthan. Owing to the social distancing norm of this pandemic, regular vehicles are not the preferred mode of transportation anymore in the state. Thereby, camels have become the choice of transportation for moving large groups, such as grooms and their families to the villages of the brides for ceremonies.

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'Ships of the desert' are bringing 'school' to the doorstep for students in rural Rajasthan!

When schools stand closed amid the current times of the pandemic, camels are assuring accessibility to education for students in far-flung rural areas of Rajasthan. The 'ships of the desert' are transporting regular notes, textbooks and stationery for the students in remote regions, which lack mobile or internet connectivity. Besides, camels are also ferrying teachers with other necessary resources and materials ensuring education for pupils, who cannot access online classes.

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Rajasthan Board releases formula to calculate class 10 & 12 results; check details here!

Rajasthan State Board has released the formula that will be applied while preparing the results of students of class 10 and 12. The report regarding the same was prepared by a 12 member committee and sent to the Education Minister, which he approved on Wednesday. As stated in the Press Note, class 10 and 12 results will be released within 45 days and students who are giving improvement exams this year or those who have filled private forms, for them Rajasthan Board will conduct exams when the pandemic permits.

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In association with AMIED, girls of Rajasthan are raising their voice for the Right to Education

The current pandemic has taken away the source of income of many rural households. An unfortunate consequence of this is being borne by children, whose dreams of pursuing education have been nipped in the bud due to the lack of finances.

In Rajasthan, when elders could no longer afford to send their daughters to school, they started pressurising them into getting married. However, an uprising arose in October 2020, which has now engaged 1500 girls from predominantly rural areas who are urging the state government to help them go back to school with proper financial assistance. On 9 and 10 March this year, AMIED organised a state-level conference of all girls associated with this campaign in Jaipur and named it Rajasthan Rising Manch.

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