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In association with AMIED, girls of Rajasthan are raising their voice for the Right to Education

The current pandemic has taken away the source of income of many rural households. An unfortunate consequence of this is being borne by children, whose dreams of pursuing education have been nipped in the bud due to the lack of finances.

In Rajasthan, when elders could no longer afford to send their daughters to school, they started pressurising them into getting married. However, an uprising arose in October 2020, which has now engaged 1500 girls from predominantly rural areas who are urging the state government to help them go back to school with proper financial assistance. On 9 and 10 March this year, AMIED organised a state-level conference of all girls associated with this campaign in Jaipur and named it Rajasthan Rising Manch.

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Rajasthan becomes the fourth state to administer COVID vaccine to over 2 crore

Amid the perils of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajasthan has emerged as the fourth state in India to administer the anti-virus jab to over 2 crore people. With this rapid vaccination strategy and the high target achievement rate, around 21.5% of the state's population have been given the first jab, while 4.3% are completely immunised with both doses. Earlier, only Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat had achieved the 'over 2 crore inoculation feat' in the country.

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Rajasthan government fixes the price for Rapid Antigen Test at ₹200

Sending a sigh of relief among the financially stressed residents of Rajasthan, the government has fixed the price of the rapid antigen test for COVID at ₹200. The decision to charge only the fixed price from patients is applicable to all private labs and hospitals. This verdict by the state government has been issued to tackle the pandemic scenario in Jaipur and other state districts as it will bring quick results and patients will receive a fast medical response.

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Rajasthan Roadways revives 1600 buses to boost travel across Jaipur & other districts

The Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation (RSRTC) on Thursday, announced to restore about 50% of their bus fleet to bolster public transport services in the state. As per reports, about 1600 buses will return to roads to ease travel and commute across the districts. These services will be regulated from all state deports, facilitating travel to almost every city of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, inter-state transport has not been exempted yet.

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Colleges promoting indigenous medicine system to come up in Jaipur & 5 other Rajasthan districts

Giving a boost to the education sector in Rajasthan, the Health Minister has announced that new colleges will be established in 6 districts, including Jaipur. The establishment of these colleges is expected to promote interests and employment opportunities in indigenous fields of Ayurveda and Yoga. Further, approval has also been given to create over 700 new academic and non-academic posts which will further assist in diversifying these fields.

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