Events in Goa

Those of you who like to dabble in the interesting and the unknown would have heard the name 'Infected Mushroom'. The highly successful musical duo has been showing us a newer side of the musical world ever since they debuted and now, they're bringing their trance tunes to Goa.

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Often we have too many things to do in Goa but sorting out the best option becomes a tad bit difficult. But we've chanced upon one such event which will surely appeal to all and it's gonna be that one stress-buster you've been looking for.

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Goa has established itself as the undaunted party capital of India. And because of the state's natural splendour, beauty and weather, it has also played host to a countless of music events, performances and festivals, giving us endless opportunities to celebrate. One such music festival that has come to the shores of the state is the Goa Hip Hop Festival.

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Goa has no dearth of events and wherever you look, there's something or the other keeping us busy or interested. Although this is just the first month of the year, Goa has presented to us, ample of options to make our lives every bit of hep and happening!

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Goa is one of the hotspots of natural flora and fauna and no matter where you head over, the scenery is gonna appeals to you in heaps. Due to its sprawling landscape ranging from the Western Ghats in the east to the coastal areas in the west, Goa has an unparalleled avian diversity.

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Beyond the sun, sand and surf in Goa, there's an array of things you can explore and be a part of. So if you're a part of the clan, that likes to divert their ways from tourist influxes while travelling, then Goa surely has a lot for you to delve in.

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Sorabh Pant is bringing his new comedy special 'Making money for my kids' to Goa and we finally have something to cheer about!

Making money for my kids

Sorabh can find comedy in the most mundane everyday experiences and knows his way around a crowd, which makes him an entertainer you have to experience live. Sorabh is known for his quick wit, his scathing remarks and building a narrative from the current social and political scenario. Which in turn, keeps his comedy fresh and makes it easier as an audience to get aboard and start guffawing.

Be it the issue of beef ban, the length of english names and the conundrum of train announcements in Mumbai, Sorabh's show will definitely leave you gasping for air.

Knock Knock

If you're in Goa and are wondering if there's anything else you can do during the weekend instead of 'going to the movies', 'going to the beach' and 'eating out', the comedy special by Sorabh Pant should be on top of your to-do list.

So book your tickets now and end your February on a fun note!

Date: February 28, Friday

Tickets: ₹499 onwards | Get yours here

Venue: Mark 1, 4th Floor, above Panjim Convention Centre, Near 4 pillars, Mala, Panjim

Music is one thing that has the power to bring us all closer together. We all listen to music and yet music can be extremely personal, each taste different, each genre varying. If you're the kind who loves music, classical music to be precise, then this festival in Goa has your name written all over it.

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We all love a good tattoo, they are intricate, stunning, vibrant and become a defining part of a person's personality. If you're the kind who loves tattoos and don't want to be hasty or take many risks, we have just the thing for you.

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