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1.62 lakh+ citizens to get second jabs at the mega vaccination drive in Indore today

A mega vaccination drive is being initiated in Indore today in a bid to expedite its overall COVID inoculation coverage. As per reports, the one-day campaign aims to administer the second dose to about 1.62 lakh people in the city. Around 500 vaccination sites have been prepared across the district to progress the drive and meet the set target.

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All eligible beneficiaries in Indore jabbed with the first dose of COVID vaccine!

In a landmark victory against the COVID pandemic, Indore has achieved 100% first dose vaccine coverage among its eligible population. This means, that all people over the age of 18 years here, have at least received their primary anti-viral jab. Reportedly, Indore is the first district in India, with a 10 lakh+ population, to have achieved this feat. This, in turn, has strengthened the current healing trends in the city, the state and the nation, at large.

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Indore city reports 100% first dose inoculation of eligible citizens

Driven by the relentless efforts of health and administrative officers, Indore has become the first city in Madhya Pradesh to witness 100% first dose inoculation of all eligible beneficiaries. Reportedly, the Municipal Commissioner, Pratibha Pal, informed that the entire eligible population of the city has been vaccinated with the first jab. As per records on the CoWin dashboard, a total of 25,75,512 doses have been administered to the beneficiaries in the Indore District till now.

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Indore on a road to recovery; zero COVID deaths reported in Indore in last 31 days

Reports of zero-COVID deaths in the last 31 days have highlighted the emergence of a remarkable healing trend in Indore. The statistics were brought to light by the Respiratory Medicine HOD of Mahatama Gandhi Memorial Medical College here. The district's toll presently stands at 1,391, notably the highest across Madhya Pradesh.

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10 special centres set up across Indore for focused vaccination of pregnant women!

In a bid to boost the vaccination program in the city, the authorities in Indore have started a focused drive for pregnant women. Under this initiative, a total of 10 inoculation centres have been set up in Indore. While 5 of these shall cater to the residents in the rural areas, the other five shall aid in the immunisation of urban dwellers. Notably, these sites have been established at medical centres and hospitals where regular care and treatment are provided to pregnant women.

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