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Indore's Pipliyahana flyover to finally get functional by December 2020

The 750-meter long Pipliyahana flyover, commissioned under the Indore Development Authority was to open for public use after 18 months of its initiation in April 2018. However, delayed by 14 months already, the overhead road will finally start operations by December this year.

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Eco-friendly Dussehra: 21 feet Ravan effigy to burn in Indore without fireworks

Festivities have taken a subdued tone in the city of Indore with respect to the active spread of the coronavirus. Around 300 places in the city will witness the ritual of Ravan Dahan in the city, including prime spots of Dusshehra ground, Chimanbag ground, Vijay Nagar. However, all events of Dusshera celebrations in Indore will be organised as per the guidelines issued for COVID-19 control in the city. On the brighter note, this also means that for the first time Indoris will celebrate an eco friendly Dussehra.

Where every year, effigies as high as 100 feet, accompanied by firecrackers lit up the city skies, Dusshera 2020, will witness an absence of lavishness. This year, a symbolic Raavan Dahan will take place in Indore, upholding the city tradition. Effigies no higher than 21 feet will be alighted, and fireworks will stand cancelled. Further no participants will be invited to burn the city.

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In a first for Indore, new regional airline turns the city airport as its domicile base

The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in the city of Indore becomes the base operating centre of new regional airlines that is to kickstart services from November 15. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has provided the new venture with a clearance after inspection, and the airlines has already started to work on the set up and maintenance for the same at the airport premises. The maiden aircraft, imported from Australia, will reach Indore in a week.

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Stronger immunity or lack of hosts? Read to find out how COVID-19 is losing grounds in Indore

The number of areas reporting zero active cases in the city of Indore have risen from 20.94% on September 24 to 31.38% on October 15. With an overall negative active case count in the city for the last 4 days, both, fall in fresh cases and improved recovery are leading the city towards the elimination of the coronavirus strain. However, as the threat of the spread of COVID-19 wanes in Indore, city doctors share concerns over the reasons of this brisk recovery.

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COVID-19 cases decline in Indore; virus hotspots reduced to half in 20 days

The fall in the daily coronavirus cases in the city of Indore has climbed down by 40.46%, where an area-wise case record shows 52% of virus-infected areas reporting less than 5 cases. In the last week itself, the growth of the virus has diminished to 1.3%, resulting in lower daily tallies. Indore clocked a total of 215 new cases on Sunday along with 296 recoveries.

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