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'Traffic Brigade' to be deployed in Lucknow for regulation of vehicular movements

In a bid to streamline vehicular movements in the city, a new Traffic Brigade (TBR) will be deployed at major intersections and crowded areas of Lucknow. New individuals will be hired for this purpose, whose task will be to enhance the governance of the traffic conditions. Interested youths will be employed under this initiative and thus, the move does not only focus on improving the traffic in the city but also comes as an employment opportunity for those in need.

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5 new police stations to be set up in Lucknow

In wake of the increasing population, Lucknow will soon get 5 new police stations at different locations in the city. Proposed to be set up under Lucknow Police Commissionerate, these new establishments will help in upgrading the law enforcement infrastructure of the city. Taking the plans further, the proposal to institute these police stations has been sent to the Police Headquarters on behalf of the Commissioner.

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Helpline numbers launched in Lucknow to provide safe passages for ambulances during VIP movements

Traffic police personnel have decided to divert traffic across the city today due to the President's Lucknow visit. As per reports, while several prominent routes will remain closed due to security reasons, vehicular movement will be rechanneled to alternate routes to ensure that public movement is not disrupted. All road restrictions will be followed until the President's departure to Delhi on Tuesday evening.

Apart from this, helpline services have been initiated for critical patients who get stuck in traffic due to VIP movements. As per reports, emergency helpline numbers and police force will extend support to such patients and ensure special provisions to create safe passage for ambulances.

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Lucknow Police Commissionerate takes a high-tech route with the deployment of body-worn cameras!

Lucknow Police Commissionerate is all set for a revamp with the introduction of new and advanced facilities. Under this program, police officials in the city will be equipped with body-worn cameras, to keep records of vehicle checks, protests, accidents and other activities. While a total of 250 cameras have been received from the police headquarters, all five zones will get 50 devices each. Through enhanced video recording, the police authorities will be able to escape false accusations.

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Roshan Jacob: Kerala-born IAS officer was at the forefront of pandemic management in Lucknow

On April 17, Kerala-born IAS officer Roshan Jacob took over the administrative duties as Lucknow's District Magistrate and Special Officer incharge of COVID management (Lucknow), at a time when the city was suffocating under the bloating second COVID wave. Collectively, 2,37,858 individuals have been affected by the virus in Lucknow and the major proportion of these infections, were witnessed during the months of April and May.

The city was reeling under a major COVID crisis, when this IAS officer had undertaken the arduous task of ridding the city of the pandemic's stranglehold. Now, Jacob's assiduous efforts have reaped a hefty chunk of respite from infections in the city.

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