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Public movement halted temporarily at the Lohia flyover in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar!

All movement on Lohia flyover in Lucknow has been temporarily called off due to a major accident. All those coming from the Samtamulak crossing area, should consider taking the alternate road to go towards Polytechnic, as an SUV caught up in flames, has led to restriction of movement on the flyover, that ends at the Lohia hospital. The traffic police has taken the initiative to divert traffic to avoid a traffic jam, despite the hinderance. No casualities have been reported so far.

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Lucknow's air quality turns 'hazardous', prolonged exposure may lead to respiratory diseases

Lucknow's depreciating air quality poses a risk of respiratory diseases on prolonged exposure, among the residents. Analysts have projected a further decrease in this 'very unhealthy' AQI with the advent of the winter season in the city. With Lucknow recording its cleanest air quality this year in the March-April (lockdown), the colossal fall in the air quality has been pinned to the release of harmful emissions from automobiles and industries.

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Lucknow to get three new flyovers & a horde of new development projects this year

With the vehicular density at its highest, traffic in Lucknow is currently at its worst. The long jams and the never-ending roadblocks make everyday life difficult for the people of the city. Commuting becomes a nightmare especially during rush hours when most of the city is on the roads, either trying to head to work or away from it. To curb this perpetual issue in the city, the civic authorities are set to unveil a number of infrastructure projects this year.

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