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Roads around Lucknow's Awadh Chauraha to get free left lanes to ensure smoother traffic flow!

One of the busiest road intersections in Lucknow, Awadh Chauraha witnesses long traffic jams on a daily basis. Keeping in view the problems faced by the commuters, the authorities have decided to set up free left lanes along the roads, around the crossing. The intervention will be initiated by the officials of the Public Works Department this month, in a bid to ensure a rapid, smooth and streamlined flow of vehicles at this intersection.

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New signalling system by Lucknow Traffic Police to reduce waiting time at intersections!

Aiming to ensure rapid vehicular movements on the city roads, the Lucknow Traffic Police has implemented a new and inventive way to regulate the traffic rush. Under this initiative, the authorities have deployed a new system for the operation of the traffic lights, wherein the colours are being changed dynamically, based on real-time traffic at the intersections. Through the observations of the CCTV cameras, the officials make a note of the situation and alter signals accordingly.

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With the ongoing session at Vidhan Sabha, these routes in Lucknow have been closed for public

Ensuring easier vehicular movements during the second session of Vidhan Sabha in Lucknow, the officials have decided to restrict traffic movement across multiple routes in the city. As per the directives given by DCP Traffic Raees Akhtar, traffic has been blocked on a list of roads around the Vidhan Bhawan, in order to regulate the traffic. He further informed that the restraints will be functional from 9 AM in the morning to the time when the meeting ends.

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'Traffic Brigade' to be deployed in Lucknow for regulation of vehicular movements

In a bid to streamline vehicular movements in the city, a new Traffic Brigade (TBR) will be deployed at major intersections and crowded areas of Lucknow. New individuals will be hired for this purpose, whose task will be to enhance the governance of the traffic conditions. Interested youths will be employed under this initiative and thus, the move does not only focus on improving the traffic in the city but also comes as an employment opportunity for those in need.

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Lucknow Smart City Project: 33 intersections to be revamped in a bid to streamline traffic

With the aim of carving a modern civic landscape in Lucknow, around 33 intersections in the city will be revamped as part of the Smart City Project. Under this project, state-of-the-art facilities will be installed at prominent chaurahas in the town, augmenting the overall ease of travel. Along with a focus on dissolving the growing traffic woes in the city, the renovation plan also includes beautification of these intersections.

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