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Lucknow's Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park welcomes 3 zebras from Israel!

Three new zebras from Israel's Ramat Gan Safari were welcomed by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park in Lucknow yesterday. Reportedly, two males and one female aged between two to three years have come all the way from Israel's Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan, commonly known as Safari Ramat Gan. As per the officials of the zoo, another set of three zebras will arrive in Lucknow in a week's time.

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100 years of Lucknow Zoo to be commemorated with a centenary pillar & postal stamp!

One of the biggest attractions for the city dwellers, Lucknow Zoo is all set to commemorate 100 years of its inception on November 29 this year. Amid a string of planned activities, the authorities have decided to install a 'Centenary Pillar' on its campus. Standing tall as a testimony to the zoo's long journey, the pillar will have inscriptions on both its sides. While the history of Lucknow Zoo will be carved on one side, the other side will have its inauguration date.

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Vistors at Lucknow Zoo can now sponsor one-time meals for lions, tigers & leopards!

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, widely famed as the Lucknow Zoo has initiated a new scheme for wildlife lovers. As per reports, visitors at the animal shelter can now fund one-time meals for bigger cats like lions, tigers and leopards. Besides benefiting the animals, this new project comes as a treat for the zoophilist. Reportedly, the name of the benefactors will be displayed on the LED screen placed close to the ticket counter.

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Construction work for UP's first natural science museum begins at Lucknow Zoo

The Sub Museum Directorate of Uttar Pradesh has set the ground to establish the state's first natural science museum in Lucknow. Seated at the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park here, this two-storey centre will stretch across 2 acres of land. Besides the display, the museum will feature a 3D auditorium, gallery, touch screen exhibit, lab, store and a souvenir shop. The entire project has been sanctioned at a budget of ₹25 crores and is set to stand in all its glory by next year.

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Know about THIS person from Lucknow, whose passion propels him to rescue urban wildlife

A photographer and an event manager by profession, Lucknow's Aditya Tiwari is passionate about the cause of animals and through the NGO, Paryavarnam Society, he attends related SOS calls. He and his team of 12 volunteers, of which 50 per cent are females, work with the Awadh Forest Department and Lucknow Zoo, with a mission to provide a safe habitat for reptiles. Until now, with the aid of his team, this 29-year-old individual has rescued around 2000 snakes from various places in UP.

Read on to know more about Aditya Tiwari's avocation, as he dispels myths about snakes in a conversation with Knocksense.

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