Expansion of PNG network in Lucknow to fuel supply of safe & cost-effective cooking gas!

Expansion of PNG network in Lucknow to fuel supply of safe & cost-effective cooking gas!

Over 75 thousand households have already taken connections of Piped Natural Gas in the city.

With the objective of fueling the cooking gas supply in Lucknow, Green Gas Limited has amped up measures to strengthen the network of Piped Natural Gas across different parts of the city. As per reports, the MDA of the company tabled the work plan in front of the Defence Minister, during his visit on Tuesday. Reportedly, over 75 thousand households in the city have already taken PNG connections and now the managing organisation wants to expand its infrastructure.

GGL aims to ensure 1 lakh new connections by the end of this fiscal year

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Despite the obstructions ushered by the pandemic, streamlined interventions were executed for laying the PNG pipelines during the last year. Now, it has been reported that the company aims to ensure nearly 1 lakh gas connections by the end of this financial year. With the materialisation of the current plans, a large number of citizens will be benefitted from a cost-effective, safe and efficient supply of cooking gas.

Moving ahead with the plans, GGL has started its work to roll out tenders for the new project. Reportedly, PNG is safer and costs 10-15% lesser cost, compared to LPG. Further, the authorities have given two alternatives for getting the connection. Citizens can pay a one-time amount of ₹5,000 or opt for 10 installments of ₹500 each, with GST.

Jankipuram Extension, South City & other areas to get PNG pipelines

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Akanksha Asthana, a resident of Indira Nagar said, "PNG pipelines were laid in our locality during the month of March this year. While some people have got their connections, we are waiting to get ours soon. With this facility, we would be relieved from the hassle of keeping a constant watch over the LPG gas cylinders."

As per reports, the pipelines have been laid across Vipul Khand, Vishal Khand, Vishesh Khand, Vishwas Khand, Vardan Khand, Vinay Khand, Ashiana, Indira Nagar Sector-8,9,12 and a string of other residential areas in Lucknow. The project will further be extended to Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road, Vikas Nagar, Sitapur Road, Faizabad Road, South City amongst others.

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