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Lucknow's KGMU to soon introduce cashless transactions!

King George Medical University in Lucknow will soon roll out the facility of cashless transactions in a bid to streamline its payment system. As per reports, a single deposit card will be issued for all patients, which will save them from the hassle of making multiple payments at different counters. The card will instantly be generated after the payment has been made and once the treatment is complete, any unused amount will duly be returned to the cardholder.

"If the cashless system is implemented, payments will not have to be made at every counter. Instead, a one-time payment will be done on the patient's ID. After that money will be deducted from this and then it will not bother the attendants", said Dr. Sudhir Singh KGMU spokesperson.

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Lucknow's KGMU launches a new clinic for treatment & prevention of blood-related diseases

Amplifying the healthcare infrastructure in Lucknow, the first-of-its-kind clinic for preventive haematology has been inaugurated at King George's Medical University. This centre will function at the outpatient door (OPD) chamber of the haematology department every Saturday. Offering services related to preventive treatment and consultation, the facility aims to provide effective guidance to individuals suffering from hematologic disorders or conditions that may lead to them.

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COVID testing to mark a 50% hike at Lucknow's KGMU with the launch of 'high throughput lab'

In an attempt to augment the city's COVID testing capacity, a 'high throughput lab' has been launched at the King George Medical University in Lucknow. Instituted at the Department of Microbiology of the varsity, the new centre will help in boosting the daily testing numbers to 1.5 times their present value. As per reports, the latest intervention is driven by an increase in the count of RT-PCR testing machines and RNA extraction devices.

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THESE 5 postage stamps chart an unconventional route of Lucknow's history

Though e-mails, Whatsapp and other social media apps have drastically changed the way we communicate, the Indian Post and Telegraph Department regularly issues postage stamps. Apart from giving an opportunity to philatelists to embark upon a poetic endeavour, these stamps recognise and immortalise historical moments. For the importance that Lucknow holds in the annals of history, its story has been chronicled via these 5 stamps which you must make a note of, whether you are a collector or not!

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3D printing technology deployed at Lucknow's KGMU to perform critical surgeries!

Opening doors to the interdisciplinary techniques, Lucknow's George Medical University is now using 3D printing to assist critical surgeries. As per reports, a liver transplant was recently conducted at the institute with the help of a 3D printed model of the organ fabricated by an engineer. Reportedly, the maximum benefits of this innovative development will be witnessed in the orthopedics and neurology departments while other medical areas will also be assisted.

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