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All public & private offices in Lucknow allowed to function with only 50% staff

The newly appointed Chief Secretary of the state, Durga Shankar Prasad, has issued fresh directives in wake of the soaring rise of COVID cases in Lucknow. As per reports, the orders permit only 50% of staff to work from offices, across all government set-ups and private organisations in the city. This norm aims to break the chain of coronavirus spread by limiting physical contact. Check all guidelines here:

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'Hello Doctor' COVID helpline number launched in Lucknow as daily spike exceeds 1k mark

Amid the rampant case rise in Lucknow, the district administration on Sunday issued the Hello Doctor COVID helping number to streamline free of cost tele-consulting services here. COVID patients, isolated at home, can now dial 0522-3515700 to reach out to doctors at integrated control rooms in case of health emergencies, for medical advice or treatment-related information.

The administration also released the ICCC complaint number and urged the public to dial 0522-4523000 and report cases of protocol violations, if any.

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These online services in Lucknow are making sure you don't have to step out for essentials!

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is upon us, and Lucknow is seeing a huge surge in daily cases. In these dire circumstances, to protect ourselves and decrease the rate of spread it is important for all of us to stay in our homes as much as possible. Over the course of the pandemic, many services have come up in Lucknow, that help facilitate our daily needs without us having to step out. Below, we've compiled a list of a few of these services for your convenience.

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876 new Covid cases reported in Lucknow on Saturday

Witnessing a surge in COVID cases, Lucknow has reported 876 new cases on Saturday. This has brought up the total number of active cases to 2,573, which is the highest number of cases in 8 months. Among the new cases, 253 were the contacts of patients diagnosed with the virus earlier, while 167 had travel history to other states or countries.

At least 133 had got themselves tested after developing mild symptoms. Besides, 19 people were found to be infected in routine testing done before admitting them to various hospitals for surgeries related to other diseases.

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UP COVID tallies rise to a 7-month high with 3121 cases reported on Thursday

The COVID-19 threat intensified in Uttar Pradesh with a fresh load of 3121 cases piling onto the state tallies on Thursday. The figure reportedly marks the biggest-single day spike in UP since May 27, 2021, when 3178 fresh cases were reported here. While several districts have been under the infection whip, state capital Lucknow alone recorded 408 cases, up from 288 infections traced on Wednesday. Active caseload in Lucknow has exceeded the 1000 mark.

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