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With Lucknow University's new 'Education for Happiness' curriculum you can now 'learn' to be happy

Known for its stunning campus and the lush grounds, Lucknow University is known as the foremost educational institute in the city. People from around the country, come here to find the education they require making it one of the most popular educational institutes in the region. Now it seems that the university is gearing up to attract a lot more students who'll be knocking its door with hopes of being happy.

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UPMRC answers 5 most frequently asked questions by Lucknow metro riders!

Metro has been functional in Lucknow for quite some time now but it still will take more time for people and new users to get the hang of it. Every new rider comes with a set of queries regarding the metro ride and this article is an answer to them all. Recently, UPMRC took to twitter to spread some awareness regarding the metro and you should definitely be reading this if you are a new metro traveller.

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Here are Lucknow Metro's new timings for Holi, riders need to know about!

If you are frequent metro traveller, this piece of news is for you.

If you've been planning a metro ride on Holi, you must make sure to be updated with the correct timings, to avoid any inconvenience during the festival. According to UPMRC, on 10th March, 2020 Lucknow Metro Services will be available from 2:30 pm to 10 pm, which means you need to look for other means of transport if you'd been planning to commute in the morning.

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Expect a cloudy sky, rains and a slightly chilly weather this week in Lucknow

Lucknow has been experiencing a bout of pleasant weather lately, with the temperatures steadily on the rise and a slight nip in the air. This weather, after the intense cold spell the city has seen during the winter months, was a welcome relief for the residents. Yet, the weather in Lucknow took an unexpected turn last weekend, with light drizzling and mostly windy days.

Over the weekend Lucknow has witnessed a significant shift in the temperatures. According to a report by IMD (Indian Meteorological Department), the clouds are here to stay as Lucknow is expected to experience light rain and a mainly cloudy sky for the next few days.

What's the update?

Lucknow woke up to a cloudy sky and light winds on Monday, experiencing a slight drop in the maximum temperature was recorded at 24 degree Celsius at 12 AM. This change in the weather has been due to a fresh active western disturbance which is set to effect the Western Himalayas from 24th of February.

Even though the sun shone bright on the previous day, Lucknowites woke up to a murky and dull Monday morning with approximately 70% humidity in the air. The shift in weather conditions is being observed all across the Himalayan belt and isolated parts in the rest of the country including Eastern UP resulting in scattered/ fair snowfall/ rainfall in the mountains and light to fair showers in the plains.

What it means for Lucknow

Lucknow is set to experience a cloudy sky on Monday with a high chance of rain and thunderstorm on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. This will lead to a drop in the maximum temperatures and make for a rainy mid-week for the residents of Lucknow. Thursday to Sunday is expected to be cloudy yet dry for the city, while Monday will bring clearer skies and ample sunshine.

Which means Lucknow is set to experience a mostly rainy week with chances of thunderstorm. So don't retire the shawls, sweaters and jackets just yet, instead bring out the dusty umbrella, especially for the next couple of days.

Have you glanced upon the new murals in Lucknow?

In recent times, Lucknow has been on the forefront of development and with each passing day, the authorities are making sure that the city is even more comfortable to live in. With an array of new projects in line to bolster the city's reputation and offerings, Lucknow is now at the peak phase of its growth.

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