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The charming scenery of THIS park in Indore is a portal to the historic Holkar era!

Located in Indore's Shree Nagar locality, Chhatri Bagh shares a link to the Holkar Dynasty that once ruled the bounds of this city. Originally a burial site for kings and queens, the premises of this structure dotted by canopies, or chhatris, has now been turned into a popular park. If you are looking to break the monotony of lockdown with a stroll in a park, then mask on and visit Chhatri Bagh for a trip down the annals of history and some fresh air!

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Observe scenic views set against the landscape of spirituality, when at Indore's Bijasen Tekri

Perched on a hilltop in Indore is the ancient and spiritual abode famously known as the Bijasen Tekri Temple. Famous folklore surrounding this temple has made people believe that just entering the premises of this place can give the gift of sight to a visually challenged person. While visiting Bijasen Tekri Temple during such tough times is not advisable, let's take a virtual walkabout to pay obeisance!

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Spend a winter eve at Indore's Echidna Restobrew along with your favourite drinks & delish grubs

Indore is a city which is brimming with cafes, pubs and restros, which can heed to the needs of even the finickiest of all people. Joining the bandwagon of this lot, Indore's Echidna Restobrew has been beckoning the foodies in the city with its amazing selection of food and beverages and if you're planning on going out this weekend, bookmark this eatery right away.

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Indore's Bibliophiles are in for a treat at the Load The Box fair, hosted by the Kitablovers

These days, there are mostly two kinds of bibliophiles; the ones who pick up random books with a cup of tea by their side for the sake of their Instagram post and then there's the other kind- the ones who believe in sniffing every page to excite their senses before delving into the story. These book-nerds ACTUALLY read for the pleasures of it and if you can relate to this, then surely you're on our team! Thus, if you're in Indore this month, we'd recommend you to check the Load The Box fair being organised by Kitablovers, from the 19th till the 22nd of November.

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