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COVID vaccination drive to prioritize journalists & their families in Lucknow & other UP districts

The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday, issued an official statement that focuses on prioritizing the inoculation of journalists and their families members, who are above 18 years of age. The current surge of new COVID cases witnessed a large number of journalists and their families being affected, which led the UP government to take this important step. Since news correspondents are equivalent to frontline workers due to their line of duty, this decision will definitely steer them towards a safer side.

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Goa to provide free COVID-19 vaccination from May 1 to all adults

Earlier this month, the Goa government initiated 'Tika Utsav' with an aim to increase the accessibility of COVID-19 vaccines for citizens over the age of 45. Now to encourage every citizen to be a part of the inoculation drive, the authorities have decided to offer free of cost vaccination to all, above the age of 18. This will come into effect from May 1, when a country-wide vaccination programme will be rolled out for each adult by the Centre, in a fight to defeat the pandemic.
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Starting May 1, citizens above 18 years to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination

The Union Government on Monday announced that from May 1 onwards, all adults will be eligible to get the COVID vaccine. This will not only widen the scope of the inoculation drive but also boost the overall immunity, a dire need amid the second emergent wave of the coronavirus. Until now, only those over 45 years of age were permitted by the Centre to get the vaccine shot.

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