Lucknow witnesses season’s first spell of thick fog!

Lucknow witnesses season’s first spell of thick fog!

On Monday, February 4, Lucknow witnessed most dense fog of this season. Over the past couple of days, the city has seen a spell of rain fall, a dip in day and night temperatures and a few sunny days. This week, however, began with the thickest fog of the season, which in turn led to a number of flights and trains being delayed.

Over the course of the thick fog that set in on the city, as many as 20 flights took off hours behind schedule and over 20 trains arrived late at the Lucknow railway station. Of these flights, several were due to take off early in the morning, but were unable to, due to the dense fog all over North India. These flights had destinations to Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kochi and Hyderabad. Some of the flights took off 3 hours behind schedule, leading to a halt in the airport.

Flights from Delhi, Indore, Kolkata and a few others were unable to land due to very low visibility. This led to subsequent flights being delayed as well. According to the Met department, almost all of North India witnessed heavy fog this morning.

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Trains from Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Jammu and a few other places in North India arrived late at their destination- Lucknow. A few early morning trains trains to regions in North India were also delayed by several hours. Some of the trains that were on their way to Lucknow saw delays of up to a whopping 8 hours.

Additionally, intra city movement and traffic also took a toll. Due to the low visibility, commuters had to be cautious while driving. This led to long traffic jams all across the city. According to reports by the meteorological department, Lucknow will see more rains in the coming few days along wit below normal temperatures.

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