This month Percussion brings unlimited drinks @99, Movie Night & Valentines Talkies on the 13th Feb!

This month Percussion brings unlimited drinks @99, Movie Night & Valentines Talkies on the 13th Feb!

The flamboyant Percussion Restaurant truly personifies the adage ‘old is gold’, for Lucknowites.

This is a place that has been serving us for the past 5 years and has given us unlimited memories of great food and unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy unlimited drinks and food sides for just Rs 99 each!

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All drinks at Rs 99 but a Beer Bucket for Rs 599!

One of the foremost lounges in the city, Percussion continues to be counted amongst the best the city has. Well, this time the city’s premier place has come up with an unparalleled Happy Hours offer. Drop in between 2-4pm and 7-9pm on weekdays and get your drinks and snacks for just Rs 99!

Happy Hours is all about enjoying and living life king size without worrying about your wallet. Percussion is here to ensure that this February is one of your best month this year.

Percussion to make your Valentine’s Day special

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With Percussion, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a not so conventional style this time. Make your soulmate feel special by bringing them to a Valentines Talkie and treat them with scrumptious food. Also, first time in Lucknow a Movie Night is being organised at Percussion on 13th Feb.

The couple entry on Valentines is for Rs 1500, which includes 4-course meal and two drinks. But if you hurry now, you could be among the first 10 couples to get a free pass.

Stag entry (females) is for Rs. 800, which includes 4-course meal and a drink.

Faizan from Voicez to perform in Lucknow for the first time

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What is a party without soulful music? So to make this Valentines even more eventful, Percussion brings to you world Karaoke winner- Faizan Khurshid. This extremely talented performer is coming to Percussion on Valentine’s day and there is no way you can miss this opportunity.

Knocksense recommends

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Percussion has a splendid A La Carte menu that makes the task of ordering difficult. To make it simple, here are our top picks for your next visit, along with their Happy Hour menu.

Begin with a triple cheese fondue, which comes loaded with veggies and bread, along with a cheesy dip. Instead of filling you up, its mellowing taste will kick-start your hunger. A spicy Singapore Bowl is a not-so-spicy soothing variety of noodles which is both light and delicious, cooked with green veggies, mushrooms and topped with chicken and egg.

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If you are a fan of Laal maas, Percussion will not disappoint you . It is hard to find that compelling taste of a Rajasthani Laal Maas in Lucknow, but that changes with Percussion.

Meethe mei kya hai?

How can we Lucknowites forget satisfying our sweet tooth before leaving a place? Percussion’s molten Choco Lava Cake is just the thing you need. This warm and gooey and not too sweet piece of joy tastes as blissful as it looks and is going to leave you wanting for more.

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All this combined with the drinks and snacks in the Happy Hours, is just going to make it a perfect day for you at Percussion, with mellowing music and great performances.

Loyalty card offer

Percussion values the loyalty of its customers and therefore, they are giving away a cashback of 10% on every bill for every ’Ultra Rewards’ card holder, along with several other existing privileges.

The tagline – Music, Food, Life, truly describes the vibe at this upbeat and classy place. Its premium and relaxed ambience turns electric by the night in the presence of finest singers and DJ’s. A music lovers paradise, Percussion is also a place that makes you celebrate life by giving you a great culinary experience, which will now be made more enjoyable with their Happy Hours offer.

For more information visit Percussion’s Fb page or check out their Zomato profile.

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