Experience Divo at Vagator-A Global restrobar with an Indian heart!

Experience Divo at Vagator-A Global restrobar with an Indian heart!

Divo Global Bar & Dining at Vagator, Goa is located in one of the quiet by lanes of Vagator, this Italian restaurant will not burn a hole in your pocket while you spend some quality time with your loved ones here.

For the heart

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Vasily Abdalov, the Russian Chef, and Lerika, from the bar, will serve you food and drinks from around the world while you chill on the pool-side tables. The ambience here is a perfect mix of a bar and a fine dine restaurant. Located in one of the many serene bylanes of Vagator, this place is up and happening throughout the day.

For the taste buds

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The lip-smacking pizzas straight out of the wood-fired ovens are a must try. Salami Picante, Mediterranean and Mix meat are some of the really good options.

The Whitefish with lime cedar is another option for the non- pizza lovers.


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Club these dishes with a Raspberry Punch, Berry Twist, or a Kiwi Mojito for a refreshing experience.


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Alright, are you a cheesecake lover? if yes then you ought to try their cheesecakes, the signature cheesecake which we had was surprisingly good. Chocolate brownie here gave us the feel of the famous dominos choco lava cake with a brownie crust, try it and be amazed.

Knock Knock

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Don't make the mistake of not trying their signature Cheesecake with mango and strawberry. Your taste buds will remember it for days after your Goa trip. Divo is a perfect halt if you are going from Vagator to any part of Goa and are in the mood for a quick bite or a few drinks.

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