Ferry services between Vasco & Panaji resumed!

Ferry services between Vasco & Panaji resumed!

Operated by Mormugao Port Trust and Drishti Marine, the services resumed operations from the jetties at Baina on Tuesday

In view of the declining COVID cases in Goa, regular ferry services between Vasco and Panaji has been restarted once again. The inland ferry service was shut down for a period of around one and a half years due to the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Operated by Mormugao Port Trust and Drishti Marine, the services resumed operations from the jetties at Baina on Tuesday. Read on to know more about the ferry services in Goa.

Tickets priced between ₹100 to ₹1,200

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With tickets available online on their official website, these services are priced between ₹100 to ₹1,200, varying according to the route. As of now, two ferries- Drishti Five and Drishti Three are operational in Goa. Located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Goa airport, these environment-friendly floating jetties at Baina can be dismantled completely.

According to the Director of Drishti Marine, free shuttle services will soon be made available for air passengers from the ferry terminal to the airport. A major tourist attraction, these ferry services aim to offer a unique experience for the visitors travelling from Vasco to other parts of the coastal state.

Apart from being an attraction for travellers, these ferry services also help in decongesting the roads by taking away a huge chunk of the existing traffic load from the roads.

Service likely to start on additional routes in Goa soon!

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As per reports, Drishti Marine is mulling over starting these ferry services in other parts of the coastal state to connect all the key tourist places and beaches. Keeping in mind the weather and sea conditions, these services are likely to become functional in other parts of Goa in the next few months, suggest reports.

Upon operation, the service on additional routes will not only improve intra-state connectivity but also boost tourism in the state as well.

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