With the Moral Code of Conduct in place, sale of alcohol prohibited in Goa after 11 PM

With the Moral Code of Conduct in place, sale of alcohol prohibited in Goa after 11 PM

Sale of liquor banned from February 12 to 15 & March 10 in wake of assembly polls

The North Goa distirct magistrate has directed all liquor bars, pubs, shops, clubs, shacks or any such establishment to shut down every day by 11 PM with immediate effect. The DM announced that this order will remain in force until the state is under the Moral Code of Conduct.

Reportedly, Goa has also sounded a state-wide ban on liquor sales from February 12-15, ahead of the assembly polls due this month. The embargo will come in effect from February 12, at 5 PM and stretch until the next 79 hours, until the midnight of February 14 and 15. The liquor ban will also be in force on March 10, the counting date.

Bars counters at restaurants & eateries to remain shut

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All shops that deal in the sale of liquor in Goa have been directed to shut down all operations during the ban period. Similarly, licensed bars and restaurants across both the state districts will operate without functioning bar counters. All bar and restaurant owners are liable to set up a display board on the premises that states the unavailability of liquor and that the outlet is open to serve food.

As per reports, the ban also extends to include transportation of liquor in Goa. The state order clearly defines that no liquor will be moved within the state during the prohibited period, from February 12 to 15 and March 10.

During this time frame, a person or family is allowed to hold to alcohol only as permitted by the Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964. This includes 3 quarter bottles each of foreign and country liquor, besides beer. Around 6 bottles of 650 ml beer are allowed too.

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