Breakfast in Kanpur is incomplete without round & crispy jalebis from Baba Jalebi; Here's why

Breakfast in Kanpur is incomplete without round & crispy jalebis from Baba Jalebi; Here's why

Have you been craving something warm and delicious jalebis for breakfast?

I think we can as a community agree that the best kind of breakfast is the Indian one. Something warm, fried and toasty will always win against cornflakes, fruit bowls and smoothies. And when it comes to a hearty Indian breakfast plate, one can never miss out on jalebis.

So when it comes to good jalebis in Kanpur, the best ones can undoubtedly be found at Baba Jalebi. Deep fried, golden and soaked in sugary goodness, these spiral jalebis are something you just cannot say no to and here's why.

The small counter at CTI Chauraha

Started as a small and humble jalebi stand at CTI Chauraha, Baba Jalebi has been a winner since day 1. People from around the city would line up near the small counter, waiting for their turn to indulge in delicious crunchy goodness.

After running successfully for years, the jalebi counter has turned into a small outlet, right where the small stand used to be and serves crispy jalebis and samosas throughout the day. People still stand in long queues outside the shop, waiting for their plate of warm, sweet goodness!

What makes them so drool-worthy?

The special part about these jalebis is their iconic round shape, unlike most jalebi places that fry them as long spirals, at Baba jalebi you get the round shape. But that's not it, what really makes these jalebis a winner is the texture and the mouthfeel.

The jalebis are served with chilled, thick and sweet dahi, which cuts through their sweetness.

Knock Knock

If you're in Kanpur and are looking for an indulgent breakfast, dahi-jalebi from Baba Jalebi is a must-have. They even serve samosas and a few other delicacies, at the small joint. So if you ever feel like breaking the monotony and want a bite of heavenly flavours, Baba Jalebi will surely satiate your hunger qualms. You can even order from here through most major food delivery platforms.

Location: Shop 22, CTI Chauraha Govind Nagar, Nandlal Chawraha, Kanpur

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