With active COVID cases below 1000, gyms, swimming pools & water parks reopen in Kanpur!

With active COVID cases below 1000, gyms, swimming pools & water parks reopen in Kanpur!

In view of the declining COVID cases, district administration relaxes the existing COVID guidelines in Kanpur, check the details here:

Witnessing a decline in COVID cases across Kanpur, the district administration has offered certain relaxations in the pandemic-mandated restrictions in the city. As per the order released on February 7, all the gyms, swimming pools and water parks in the city can now function as per their pre-COVID schedule. Read on to know more about the ease in coronavirus guidelines, COVID and vaccination status of the city at present.

Kanpur District Court reopens in Kanpur from today

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In view of the rising COVID cases in the city and active cases breaching the 1000-mark, the entertainment zones were shut down by the administration from January 11. As Kanpur's active caseload takes a dip below the 1000-mark, all of these restrictions stand null and void at the district level. According to the revised guidelines, all the other ongoing restrictions will continue to remain effective in the city, until further notice.

Apart from this, the Kanpur District Court has also reopened for judicial work, starting today. This decision comes in line with the guidelines issued by the High Court that mandates strict adherence to all the stipulated COVID protocols.

Hearing for new cases, anticipatory and regular bail applications and pending bail applications will now be entertained in the district court. However, works related to the remand of undertrials along with other judicial work will continue to be carried out via video conferencing.

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