Funny man, Gaurav Kapoor is going to be at Bombay Brasserie this Saturday!

Funny man, Gaurav Kapoor is going to be at Bombay Brasserie this Saturday!

Looking for a bomb weekend plan which will turn your boring AF Saturday into a Satur-YAY. Well, we have just the thing for you! Bombay Brasserie, has already established itself as the party destination of town and the people don’t seem to stop at amusing us. This time, the all day bar and eatery chain has come up with a ton of new and innovative ways to woo us and make our weekends seem like a dream, and this time they are planning to tickle our funny bones.

The bar and eatery has called on, the epitome of desi-middle class humour, Gaurav Kapoor to make our weekend a little extra special and you’ve got to be here.

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Gaurav Kapoor is known for his classic berating style of comedy, where he talks about his experiences of being born, as he calls it “not rich”. Driving a nano down a highway and cutting a Lifebuoy soap in half as a child. The man is a master of wry desi humour and we love him for it. The way in which he makes everyday middle-class struggles relatable and hilarious, is the reason people don’t seem to have enough of him.

The man himself, would be here at Bombay Brasserie this Saturday and you cannot miss it for the world.

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To make sure that we all have a gala time, Bombay Brasserie in introducing an upgraded bar menu and we are losing our cool! The bar and eatery is known for its signature pauwa cocktails that we so adore and the fact that they are planning on “upgrading” something which is already so awesome is making us jump with anticipation.

So be sure to head to Bombay Brasserie for a fun time with Gaurav Kapoor and a ton of liquor options to pick from.

What: Stand-up Comedy Live Performance by Gaurav Kapoor and unveiling of the new Bar menu

Date: 25th May (Saturday) | 9 PM onwards

Entry: ₹499 | Get your tickets for the event here on BookmyShow.

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